Jennifer Lopez practically poses nude for InStyle Magazine


Jennifer Lopez still has it at 49-years-old.

The triple threat graces the cover of InStyle Magazine's December issue where she is opening up about celebrating her success and her famous curves. The cover, styled by Julie Pelipas, features the mom-of-two dressed in a conservative-cool outfit by Mason Valentino, while the inside pages are a whole different story.

The magazine took to Instagram to share a sneak peek of their shoot with Lopez, but the peek left little to the imagination. The "Second Act" actress showed off her stunning figure in a green sequin Valentino dress - except the entire side of the dress is missing.

The caption read, "@JLo was a forerunner in the trend of embracing curvier body types, but she insists that body image isn’t something she ever thought much about. 'I didn’t realize what I was doing — I was just being myself. In my family, curves were glorified and part of the culture. It was just like ‘Jennifer has a big butt, and it’s good.’' Not only good, but also culture-changing. She says her friend @KimKardashian once told her that she wore a 'What would J.Lo do?' bracelet."

InStyle also posted a playful video of Lopez teaching us "how to reinvent ourselves" at every age. “You’re here until you’re dead. So, you might as well do shit," she says in the video below.