James Corden and Ariana Grande can't stop freaking out in a haunted escape room


To celebrate the spirit of Halloween, James Corden and Ariana Grande put their nerves to the test by trying to make it through the horrors of a haunted, nightmarish escape room, and things went even worse than they were expecting.

On Tuesday's The Late Late Show, Corden gave fans a look at their misadventure - which was filmed back in August when the Sweetener singer joined the talk show host for a fun installment of "Carpool Karaoke."

"I love being scared. I think it's so much fun," Grande told Corden in the pre-taped segment while discussing why she loves Halloween.

"You enjoy being scared so much you go to like escape rooms, and things like that, right?" Corden asked.

"I go to haunted houses and stuff. Usually, escape rooms aren't that scary," she replied, her words heavy with foreshadowing. "But I do love escape rooms. We should do one!"

Corden, who admitted that he's never participated in an escape room experience before, went into it with his nerves already rattled. And while Grande seemed calm and collected before they entered the "haunted" room, her cool demeanor didn't last long.

The minute they entered the room, they were immediately basked in darkness. In fact, shooting most of their adventure required the use of black and white night vision cameras. And it was the creepy, pitch black hallway that first gave the songstress second thoughts.

"You told me this was an escape room, not hell," a quaking Grande asked Corden, who apparently gets very giggly when he's scared. "What is this?"

To her credit, the room they chose did seem to be a cross between you're traditional escape room - filled with puzzled that need to be solved in order to leave - crossed with the jump scares and psychological horror of a horror maze.

After taking quite a while to make it past their first puzzle, the frightened duo opened a door to a room designed to look like a twisted version of a child's bedroom, complete with bunk beds.

Just as they let their guard down, an actor - dressed like the wet ghost girl from The Ring - jumped up from one of the beds giving Corden and Grande their first big scare before running out of the room as the pair cowered in a corner.

"You're a bitch!!" Grande screamed at the "ghost" as it fled the room.

The adventure continued as the pair moved through the multiple areas of the escape room, constantly screaming as creepy noises and mysterious fog were occasionally piped in to freak them out even worse.

However, their terrifying journey reached an apex when Grande and Corden discovered a hidden cellar behind a fireplace that contained a giant rotating pillar and an elaborate puzzle on the wall.

Despite their best efforts, the pair apparently got the puzzle wrong and were punished with a terrifying Slender Man-esque creature who crawled into the dark room on his hands and knees and began to chase them around inside the tiny cellar.

At this point, the audio was mostly just screaming and bleeped cursing as the duo completely melted down and decided to just run out of the cellar. However, as she tried to run away, Grande ended up falling down, hard.

The segment then cut to Corden and Grande getting back into the SUV, with the singer sporting a white bandage around her hand, thus answering the mystery, first raised months ago, of how Grande hurt herself while filming "Carpool Karaoke."

Back in August, Grande tweeted a photo of her bandaged hand and said the injury occurred while filming the segment. However, when her installment of "Carpool Karaoke" aired, the accident and the bandage were never addressed. As it turns out, they were saving that particular part of the package for Halloween.

"Are you okay?" Corden asked Grande with a laugh as they got back into the SUV.

"Yeah, I will be. That was traumatic," Grande shot back, before holding up her gauze-wrapped hand. "But I'm not gonna lie, don't I look kinda hard?"

As for the escape room, Grande said she's been to hundreds before and none of them were as nightmarish as the one they attempted. "That's not an escape room," she declared. "That's one of the seven gates to hell."