'Clueless' remake in the works from 'GLOW,' 'Girls Trip' rriters

A certain remake of a '90s classic has just gotten the green light!

On Thursday, it was announced that 1995’s Clueless will be remade by Paramount Pictures, according to multiple outlets. The film is being written by GLOW scribe Marquita Robinson and will be produced by Tracy Oliver, who brought Girls Trip to the big screen.

The film is in the early stages of development so it’s unclear if fans will be seeing any of the original stars -- Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash, Donald Faison or Paul Rudd -- make appearances in the remake.

Clueless is a modernized take on Jane Austin's classic novel, Emma. The film tells the story of several Beverly Hills teens navigating dating and friendship amid LA’s most super-rich. Our hero Cher, played by Silverstone, persuades two single teachers at BH High to date, convinced she has a knack for playing matchmaker. However, she's forced to reassess her values when her makeover of Tai, a lovably aloof student played by the late Brittany Murphy, results in the new girl becoming more popular than her.

The film was a success and a cultural touchstone for the '90s. It even spawned a TV show in which several of the film’s cast members starred, including Dash, Faison and Elisa Donovan.