'RHOD' star Kameron Westcott: 'There's no turning back' for LeeAnne and D'Andra (Exclusive)


"The Real Housewives of Dallas" has been delivering one of the best seasons of "Real Housewives" in recent memory during its current third season, and Kameron Westcott is a huge part of that.

Westcott has found her groove during her second season on the show and insists that she has "strong relationships" with all of her cast mates, but that doesn't mean that she hasn't taken sides in this year's most divisive drama, which has seen LeeAnne Locken and D'Andra Simmons' decade-long friendship seemingly come to an end.

Kameron Westcott recently caught up with AOL's Gibson Johns to talk about all things season three, and explained why her reaction to Brandi's baby reveal was mischaracterized, how Dallas society still hasn't accepted the show and where she stands in the LeeAnne/D'Andra feud.

Check out our full conversation below:

How are you holding up midway through this third season?

Well, I’m alive! I’m in a strong place right now, and I’ve built strong relationships with some of these ladies. Last year, we were sometimes half-assed friends, but this year, I have a really strong relationship with every lady. It's nice.

How does your second season on the show differ from your first season?

I was more comfortable being in this group [this year], and you never know what’s going to happen with this group. Being the newbie last year, I was a little more closed off, and I didn’t really feel as though I could express my opinion as much as I wanted, because I didn’t know the dynamics of the group yet. This year, knowing everyone so much better, I can express myself more and I think people will see a more fun side of me because of that.

Have you found out about anything that was said about you while watching this season?

Well, I was really disappointed with how the whole baby adoption ended up, because I was so supportive with that whole thing. I was so excited at the announcement party. Yeah, sometimes my face was shocked, but I was just head over heels in love with this baby. I was really offended that some of the women said I was trying to take the spotlight. How could I ever take a spotlight from this little prince? That’s just extreme. That whole baby thing, there were weeks that I didn’t know about it. Everybody else knew, so when I got left out I had a real reason [to be offended], but I didn’t get to talk about it as much as I wanted to. People only really saw me whining that I was left out. I just have so much passion for little kids because I’m a mother, so it broke my heart that it made it look like I was trying to steal attention.

You organized the Beaver Creek trip to your family home, and there was some drama between you and Stephanie over you hearing her say that you were "bashing" Brandi's adopted baby. How do you look back on that trip overall?

I had way too many cocktails when I asked Stephanie to leave, because I would never normally do that. That was my eighth cocktail of the day. So that is just not normally me, and she never actually left early. I only heard the words “bashing an adopted baby,” so when I heard those words, as a mother, I was like, "How could you use that word in a sentence with a child?" I just freaked out and wasn’t thinking about anything else. I just heard the word “bash,” and I don’t like that word. It’s strong and hurtful. Stephanie is so sweet and innocent so when I heard her said that I was like, "What?!"

You and LeeAnne seem to really get along, but particularly this season. What's the key to your friendship with her?

LeeAnne and I get along so well because we’re so honest and upfront with one each other. We don’t sugarcoat things. She tells you how it is. If I want an opinion -- like, “Was I being crazy back there?” -- she’ll be honest, while some of the other women are people pleasers. I love how she is just raw, to the point and there’s no messing around. In this group of women, there’s so much going on that I just need a friend that’s real, because I can’t deal with anymore craziness. I need one person in my life that just tells me how it is, and I can have her as a source to tell me I need a reality check, and I don’t think the other girls will do that.

Your friendship with LeeAnne sort of puts you on a side in her drama with D'Andra this season. What are your thoughts on where they stand? It seems like their friendship basically doesn’t exist anymore, which is sad considering that they've been friends for a decade.

It is so beyond sad. I just saw the whole thing spiraling, and it all started with the 200-dollar bank account deal, but the reality is that [D'Andra] never wanted anyone to know that information, and somehow it got out. So, she got really offended and I get it, but nobody is ever going to believe that. It’s the stupidest thing. Who would ever believe she only has two-hundred dollars in her bank account? I’m sorry. She drives a Lexus! That’s just ridiculous. She comes to parties all the time in brand new outfits. I get that she’s being really good because she is working on her business, but nobody is going to believe that statement. But, to bring up your best friend’s relationship and say that [her man] is possibly unfaithful? One-hundred percent against girl code. I do not believe any best friend should talk about one’s relationship. If [LeeAnne] had brought it up, then that’s okay. But the fact that she just threw it out there, it’s absolutely not okay. I am really hurt by it, and I’m so disappointed in D’Andra’s actions in how she handled the situation. I’ve lost a lot of trust in her from watching her with LeeAnne.

Is there no turning back for D'Andra and LeeAnne after she brought that up?

There’s no turning back after this. If that happened to me, that girl's off my list forever.

You and D’Andra joined the show together last season, but you were never really lumped together. Where do you personally stand with her?

You’ll see more as the season unfolds, but I do feel that some things have happened to me, as well, so I think LeeAnne and I obviously have become even closer because of what’s been going on.

You and Brandi didn't exactly get along last season. How would you characterize your friendship now?

We’re great friends! I love Brandi, and I think she has such a big heart. I didn’t get to see that last year, and we didn’t have enough time to hang out one-on-one. This year we really got to know each other more, and that’s why my feelings were hurt with the baby thing. We’d really become close, and I got kind of blindsided. She wanted it to be a surprise, but I would’ve rather have her tell me so I could be there for her. I wanted to throw the baby shower! But I love Brandi, and I was so sad I didn’t see that last year. I get her humor now. I don’t like the farting and pooping [Laughs], but there’s so much more to her.

Has Dallas society become more accepting of the show? We saw in the first season that people looked down on it. You married into a well-known family, so their acceptance of the show must affect you more than some of the other ladies.

It’s still not. It’s really hard living in Texas -- since it’s so conservative, they really don’t support reality TV. I grew up in California where I was surrounded by the entertainment industry, so everyone was on some kind of show. So, growing up around that, I was more open to [being on TV]. In Texas, a lot of people are afraid of cameras. They freak out. I have a really hard time with it, because when I throw parties, my girlfriends have to get their lawyers involved to sign a release to even walk into a building. I get it, but it looks like none of my friends are there and they want to support me, but they tell me their lawyers say they can’t show up. But I would’ve never done the show if I didn’t have tight-knit close girlfriends that have my back. For me, if the whole town didn’t like me after the show I would be sad, but I would still have my girlfriends who know me. I’m so lucky.

In the first season a lot of people in my social circle were not happy with some of the behavior in this friend group. They didn’t want me hanging out with some of these girls, even though I kept telling them how nice they are. When I first started hanging out with the group, I had all of these things in my head and was stereotyping Brandi. Now I tell my friends they need to meet her -- she’s so sweet.

Let's talk about SparkleDog! How it is going right now? It must be amazing to have this platform to spread the word about your business.

It’s very scary, because I have this amazing platform and there are so many more opinions [because of it]. If people don’t like the idea and think it’s stupid, they’ll write long paragraphs and tell you why you’re so stupid. It’s like, “Thanks.” But it’s also brought me to many more contacts. People in the industry have been reaching out trying to help me. I had people at the Global Pet Expo telling me that they’ve been watching me and rooting for me. I’ve never seen such a tight-knit community trying to help one another like this.

What can you tease for us for the rest of the season?

There will be more friendships ending and more apologies for people’s crazy behavior. They’ll be accepted, but I don’t know if they will mend what everyone is doing.

What’s something that you’d want to address on the reunion?

I would definitely bring up the baby announcement party, because people were really upset with my behavior, which killed me and broke my heart. I love children, and I was so sad that people thought I was being selfish or trying to take the spotlight. I was actually trying to put more spotlight on her by trying to get involved.

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