Olivia Munn has this one rule when it comes to her Instagram account (Exclusive)


Olivia Munn has learned a lot since becoming a public figure. Whether it's how best to spend her time on planes during her constant traveling, what to do with all the free stuff she gets sent or how to approach posting content to Instagram, where she has racked up over 2 million followers, the actress has it all figured out.

During a recent sit-down with AOL's Gibson Johns at American Express' Luxury House by #spgamex event in New York City, Munn revealed some of the key things she's learned about being a celebrity, including the approach that she's taken to her Instagram in recent years.

"I don’t post in real time," she revealed to us. "So, if I’m somewhere, I’m not really there [when I post a photo]. Even with my girlfriends, I’ll ask them to post later. It’s hard, though, because my best friends aren’t in the business, and they don’t want to have to worry about that. But they get it. A lot of it is just for security reasons. But it’s hard, because you’re recording stories and saving them and then it becomes a homework thing."

The former "Newsroom" star said that "there are a lot of [famous] people that post in real time," but she chooses not to. Another thing that may surprise fans of the star when it comes to her Instagram activity is the fact that, just like the rest of us, she occasionally falls for one of those pervasive Instagram ads and buys something directly off of the social media platform -- even though the products often leave her disappointed.

"Every now and then I’ll buy stuff off of an Instagram ad," she said, shaking her head. "Like, 'You really got me with it!' And it’s usually crap."

As for all of that free stuff that you often see celebrities posting about on social media? It's just as over-the-top as it seems, Munn told us, still in awe of the fact that she'll get sent, say, an Armani purse or a shipment of La Mer products out of the blue. Though she tries most of it out herself, it would be impossible to keep it all. Plus, she has a big family and a ton of girlfriends not in Hollywood who gladly take some of the products off of her hands.

"I have a really big extended family and a lot of girlfriends who aren’t in this business -- I’ve known a lot of them since college and stuff -- so I pay it forward to them first," Munn said. "Anything that they don’t want -- there’s literally never anything that they don’t want, actually. A lot of the times if I’ve worn something, too, I can pass it on. It’s so nice that people are sending me stuff, and I’ll try to wear and keep it, but I have days when I have my friends come over and we just go through everything."

Literally, the actress, who attended the University of Oklahoma, will have her friends over to watch "Real Housewives," listen to "90s hip-hop or country music," order Thai and "go through all the stuff that people have sent."

"It's like an unboxing," she laughed.

It's that time with her best girlfriends that Munn seems to value most. We were chatting at the Luxury House event, which celebrated the Starwood Preferred Guest American Express Luxury Card, and she explained to us that taking trips with those closest to her is what she considers to be one of life's greatest luxuries.

"Honestly, the most luxurious thing to me is being on a beach with warm ocean water -- somewhere in the Caribbean -- with all my friends and unlimited food," she said. "I [recently] took a girls’ trip that was so fun to Turks and Caicos. I was like, 'This is just the best vacation. We’re all hanging out and taking pictures.' Nobody was telling us to get off of our phones, and it was just such a girl vacation. It was so fun. There was no schedule and no pressure."

And you better believe that Munn has mastered the art of traveling, too. The star said that the jet leg between the West Coast and East Coast is "hard," so she always makes sure her hotel room has blackout curtains that help her get her sleeping back on track. Longer flights, though, provide the perfect opportunity to catch up on much-needed sleep before she gets to her destination.

"I remember when I first started working a lot more, I’d be so excited to be in first class, where they feed you whatever you want and you could watch every single movie and I would just be so tired when I got off," she said. "At some point I was like, ‘Oh wait, the biggest luxury of flying first class is being able to sleep.’ That’s a big thing to be able to do that."