Meghan Trainor is getting a bounce house for her wedding

Meghan Trainor has been creating albums since she was literally 15 years old. Although we would probably have to jump through some serious hoops to find those albums now, the 24-year-old singer’s current hits are impossible to ignore.

The empowering queen is gearing up for the release of TREAT MYSELF, a 15-track album filled with self-love anthems such as singles “TREAT MYSELF” and “NO EXCUSES.” While we anxiously await the upcoming album, We Can Survive performer Meghan joined us to spill details about her unconventional wedding.

From texting her invitations to friends to sharing napkins, Meghan is low key over the traditional wedding planning.

The last time we caught up with Meghan Trainor was right after the release of her hit single “NO EXCUSES.” The singer dished on everything from whether or not she’s done her taxes to working out and skin care.