Pamela Anderson says her 'calf muscle exploded' in scary ‘Dancing With The Stars’ injury


Pamela Anderson recently took her talents to the stage on France’s "Dancing With The Stars."

However, the 51-year-old American model was spotted on Thursday leaving the doctor's office in Paris on crutches after she suffered a horrifying injury in her right calf muscle during dance rehearsals (see the photos here)

Anderson took to her Instagram account to explain the scary incident, noting that "it felt like someone threw a baseball very hard" at her lower leg only to realize her calf muscle "may have exploded"

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Petite problème I hurt my right calf muscle in rehearsal last night. We weren’t doing anything crazy just dancing. It felt like someone threw a baseball very hard at my lower leg- I screamed and turned around and no one was there. then realized it was my calf muscle that may have exploded? I just left IRM/MRI I’m on my way to another Dr (insurance) this afternoon and will continue my cryotherapy and kine’ every day avec. My hamstring is almost healed. From 80% to 10 %. torn - so I’ve been doing well and @maximedereymezofficial was perfect. He did all he could - He carried me to car and then carried me to my hotel room. Kine’ came to my room. My mom stayed with me through the night I cannot move my foot towards me. I cannot put pressure on my foot without pqin. I’m on crutches now. Î’m sad but hopeful that I can continue to dance. We are losing precious rehearsal time And Saturday is only 2 days away. This is my favorite dance so far. To one of my favorite artists who I admire so much. I love it. It’s so fun. I want to share it. I was energetic and happy dancing. This is just another challenge. A bump in the road. I’ve been compensating for my 1st injury on right leg. Putting more work on the left leg. I guess it’s common to keep getting hurt. Î’m determined to do what ever it takes to dance on Saturday 💃🕺🏽 It’s a shame there was no ice at rehearsal studio last night? We waited 45 min for ICE there was nothing there - big mistake, Now we know it’s blood trapped between 2 muscles. Like ‘tennis leg’ injury I’m drinking lots of water. No fat in diet. Vegan - (it’s the quickest way to heal) like is presented in the film I co produced with James Cameron. @gamechangersmovie I have the best team. Between @adilrami ❤️ in Marseille and @dals_tf1 in Paris - All around me are supportive and are doing all they can to help me get ready for Saturday ... 🙏 We will have to wait and see. 😇 Pamela 😘

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Two days later, The “Baywatch” alum posted an update assuring fans she is being taken care of.

Despite the gravity of Anderson's injury, she is still slated to perform on Saturday's show according to ET Canada. Pamela joined the cast of France's "Dancing With The Stars" for third time this season and previously appeared on the American adaption in season 10.