Rebel Wilson is solving the issue of inclusive sizing one studded jacket at a time


Rebel Wilson is breaking boundaries.

Aside from her iconic movie roles, the 38-year-old actress has invested years in figuring out the magic of the plus-size fashion market. With her Rebel Wilson X Angels fashion line available at major retailers such as Nordstrom and Dia & Co, Wilson knows exactly what her fans want.

“It was important [to launch the clothing line] because I am plus size. Sometimes I [range] 16 to 18, which is the exact average size of the American women. What I always found weird is why when you go into a store, 90 percent of the clothes were not plus-size. It’s such a small percentage and even if it was even, that would be better - but it’s so tipped in the wrong direction to what most of the women are," Wilson told AOL exclusively at an event in NYC to preview her latest holiday collection with the plus-size retail service Dia & Co.

"I also found there was lack of a youthful kind of [clothing] line out there, so I really endeavored into making my brand [youthful]. And you don’t have to be young to wear it. My mom wears the jackets and stuff all the time. She loves it and all of her friends love it. They like that it gives them that youthful feeling,” she added.

In person, Rebel Wilson is just as eccentric and likable as her famed character Fat Amy. The Aussie actress stole the hearts of America with her work in "Pitch Perfect" and dished to AOL about her favorite moments on set of the films.

"I just love all of those girls and we love working with each other. When we do the riff offs it’s always interesting because there’s always like 300 people in one room or in a swimming pool like the first movie. It’s always really tough conditions like in the first movie, for example, it was freezing cold like zero degrees and then in the second movie it was like 130 degrees and in the third movie, we had military helicopters and planes flying over every time we tried to film so we kept having to stop." Wilson said. "But there’s just something about the group and all being there together that makes those days really fun."

With three films under her belt as one of the leading members of The Barden Bellas, Wilson admits her iconic role as Fat Amy would have some tough shoes to fill if the movie ever did make it to Broadway.

"They were talking about being a Broadway version and I think Fat Amy would be very difficult to cast. I’m sure by the time they do put that on the stage here in New York, they’ll have found somebody. I’m sure there will be some killer girl out there ready to crush it."