Bella Thorne reveals she has 19 cats, claims Disney tried to fire her

Bella Thorne is an open book.

The 21-year-old actress invited The Los Angeles Times to her home for an intimate new interview, in which she gets candid about everything from smoking weed to her days as a Disney star. The eclectic decor in Thorne's residence includes neon-lit steps painted in colors of the rainbow, iridescent pink bulbs reading "f**k off" above her bedroom and even a castle for her 19 cats.

As for why she has so many cats, Thorne shares that she didn't want her first cat, Lola, to be spayed because she thought it was barbaric, and now has four generations of cats.

Thorne bought her home for $2 million, which she says she made by charging for ads on her Instagram account -- the actress says she was actually broke at 18 despite her starring role opposite Zendaya on the Disney Channel's hit series, Shake It Up.

In fact, the actress says she only had $200 when the show ended and was forced to move in with her then-boyfriend, actor Gregg Sulkin. Although Thorne declines to elaborate where the money she made went, she does acknowledge, "I didn’t think things were going to go down like that."

"And then half of me is like, ‘Come on, Bella. Look at your whole life. Don’t be naïve. You knew somewhere deep down inside things were not right,’” she continues.

As for her time working at Disney, Thorne claims network executives tried to fire her when she was 13 after Perez Hilton wrote a critical post about her wearing a black bikini that some deemed inappropriate for her age. However, a Disney Channel spokesperson tells the Times that Thorne’s “job was not threatened and would not be jeopardized merely over her bathing suit choice."

Though the spokesperson did admit she and her family were talked to about the photo.

“[W]e discussed with the Thornes how they envisioned Bella's personal brand image and career goals and whether, at age 13, her immediate plans were compatible with a Disney-branded show for viewers as young as age 6," the statement reads.

These days, Thorne is far removed from her once clean-cut Disney image and is open about having both a boyfriend -- 31-year-old rapper Mod Sun -- and a girlfriend -- YouTube star Tana Mongeau -- as well as smoking weed. Thorne says she smokes marijuana to deal with intense emotions and shares that she started at age 16 when she couldn't stop crying while channeling a character and used it to go to sleep.

"I used to be super, super against weed," she notes. "When I was 16, my boyfriend smoked weed and I would get so upset. I thought it was the devil’s lettuce. I was always the really good two-shoes -- the one that was the teacher’s pet in that annoying sense.”

“My mind is a scary place," she later says. “I can’t leave myself alone too long. My mind goes to a weird place if I’m not at work all the time.”

These days, Thorne says she spends most of her time with Mod Sun. She also reveals that they both got tooth jewelry consisting of crystals attached to their teeth. Thorne tells the newspaper that she initially got a “disco ball” tooth but had to scale it down to three crystals because they started to fall out in her food when she was eating at Chili’s.

ET spoke to Thorne in March, when she opened up about her struggles with being judged and shamed. She also talked about how her boyfriend has been able to help her navigate past the negativity.

"Meeting someone that's just so happy, you know that's kind of his whole thing, and for me [as] someone who's a little bit glass half empty, it really is nice for me to have someone on my back that's like, 'No, it's good, it's good, it's good,' even when it's bad," she shared. "You're always your harshest critic."