Wendy Williams mistakes Ariana Grande for Selena Gomez: 'I'm sorry. Sometimes I get my problematic children twisted'

Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande are both on Wendy Williams's mind. (Photo: Getty Images)
Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande are both on Wendy Williams’s mind. (Photo: Getty Images)

Wendy Williams wasn’t a fan of Selena Gomez and Pete Davidson‘s relationship anyway. Oh, wait…

A day after Ariana Grande and Davidson split, ending their surprising four-month engagement, following a weekslong whirlwind romance, Williams tackled the subject during the “Hot Topics” segment of Monday’s Wendy Williams Show. “Too much. Too fast. Too young. Too not ready for the world,” Williams waxed about the former couple.

While listing all the reasons she felt that the relationship didn’t work, Williams asked, “How can you get well? You know, she’s got the lupus and the kidney transplant…” Then, Williams realized her mistake.

“I’m sorry. Sometimes I get my problematic children twisted,” she cracked. “I know you do too.”

Of course, Gomez is the former child star turned singer and actress who’s been vocal about having received a kidney transplant due to lupus back in 2017.

The talk show host might have had Gomez on the brain because she regularly weighs in on her love life, particularly her past relationship with Justin Bieber. In fact, after the Grande and Davidson talk Monday, she gave her opinion that Bieber should stay away from his ex and her family as Gomez reportedly seeks treatment for “ongoing emotional issues,” stemming from her health.

Regardless, Twitter was not having it with Williams’s mix-up.

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