Dancing With the Stars week 4 recap: Did the right couple go home?

The CW’s Charmed reboot wasn’t the only series summoning the Power of Three this week.

Dancing With the Stars also showed its appreciation for trios on Monday night, when each Season 27 couple was joined by a third dancer for their routines.

Of course, not all trio dances were created equal on the Week 4 broadcast. Though most duos were joined by DWTS alumni who fared well in their seasons, one couple had the enormous advantage of adding a professional dancer to their team (hi, Maddie Ziegler!), and another had the disadvantage of adding… a Bachelor villain. Suffice it to say, the playing field was not at all level on Monday, resulting in performances that ranged from jaw-dropping to cringe-inducing.

Let’s recap the highlights and lowlights of Trio Night:

Milo Manheim and pro Witney Carson with singer Riker Lynch (Salsa)
— It won’t surprise me in the least to see Milo reach the Season 27 finale a few weeks from now, and I sincerely hope he gets there. Though he could have been written off as a gangly teen who lacked experience, the Zombies actor has proven he can keep up with Witney’s most breakneck choreography. Add in the easy chemistry he had with Riker during this salsa, plus some impressive footwork, and Milo’s performance was by far the strongest of the broadcast. Judges’ Score: 29/30

Mary Lou Retton and pro Sasha Farber with gymnast Nastia Liukin (Charleston)
— The lifts, y’all. The lifts. I’m still trying to wrap my head around that move when Mary Lou and Nastia were both clinging to Sasha’s body as he twirled them around the dance floor. (Who was holding onto whom?!) But even without the lifts, this Charleston was clean, crisp and ridiculously fun — and it was heart-warming to watch Mary Lou nail a routine about which she’d been stressing. Judges’ Score: 26/30

DeMarcus Ware and pro Lindsay Arnold with NFL player Rashad Jennings (Paso Doble)
— Lindsay had her own big shoes to fill with this paso doble; her last trio dance, with Jordan Fisher and Corbin Bleu, was just about perfect. I thought Lindsay might achieve the same greatness with DeMarcus and Rashad, given the sheer power and athleticism that these men possess. But there were a few things about the routine that just felt off, namely the energy and the NFLers’ technical precision. There was a whole lot of masculinity and strength strutting around that dance floor, but in the end, I just didn’t feel anything. Judges’ Score: 22/30

Joe “Grocery Store Joe” Amabile and pro Jenna Johnson with The Bachelorette‘s Jordan Kimball (Salsa) — This routine was uncomfortable on so many levels, and it made me profoundly sad for Jenna. The girl is capable of winning a Mirrorball; in fact, she just did! A few months ago! With Adam Rippon! (I know the all-athletes season felt like it didn’t really happen, but it did.) But here she was, practically dragging these two Bachelorette dudes through a salsa that was supposed to be sexy but ultimately fell victim to wardrobe malfunctions and, as Bruno noted, a “nonexistent” sense of rhythm from Joe and Jordan. Joe is a charming guy, and it’s been nice to see him overcome his nerves in the ballroom… but it might be time for the viewing audience to hand out its last rose. Judges’ Score: 15/30

And now, the Week 4 results:

Evanna Lynch and pro Keo Motsepe
Tinashe and pro Brandon Armstrong

Tinashe and pro Brandon Armstrong