Olivia Wilde and A-List celebs helping her mother on the campaign trail


With the midterms just weeks away, a Democratic House candidate is getting some help from Hollywood.

"Vinyl" actress Olivia Wilde’s mother Leslie Cockburn is running for congress in Charlottesville, Virginia. She is a former producer for "60 Minutes."

According to NBC News, the mother-daughter duo have been knocking on doors in the district alongside Wilde's partner, Jason Sudeikis, as well as Chris Long from the Philadelphia Eagles.

Wilde shared a photo from their weekend outing on Instagram.

"Canvassing is fun. Canvassing with your mom is also fun. Canvassing with your mom who is also the candidate is the FUNNEST. Go mama go! Thank you to everyone volunteering out there in Virginia’s 5th! This is a movement," she wrote. "Her opponent is against net neutrality, the ERA, and believes hunters should be able to shoot hibernating bears and wolves with cubs. He said preventing sexual assault begins with educating women. He’s owned by the Freedom Caucus, the Koch bros, and Paul Ryan’s PAC. He does not represent the awesome people in this district!"

Cockburn is running in a historically red district. According to a recent poll, the Republican candidate is leading in the race, but that hasn't stopped Cockburn from going full force.

Wilde told NBC that her mom is “fearless and tireless and determined and that is what it takes to succeed.”

Still Republicans have criticized Cockburn for bringing out Hollywood A-listers to support her, saying she is out of touch.

Wilde fired back at the criticism, saying the party is panicked and her mom is gaining traction.

"My mom is refusing all PAC money, and has grown a grassroots movement led by thousands of incredible volunteers and small donors," she added on Instagram "Stay strong, my friends!"