Britney Spears and Ryan Gosling have a 'Mickey Mouse Club' reunion on 'Ellen'!


Ryan Gosling is reliving his days on The Mickey Mouse Club!

The 37-year-old actor stops by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday, where he runs into his old co-star, Britney Spears. The pair appeared on the TV series from 1993-1995, along with Christina Aguilera.

Gosling and Spears, who appears on Ellen to tease that she’s making a big announcement on Oct. 18, ran into each other backstage.

“Neither of us could remember [how long it’s been since we've seen each other], which is a sign that it’s been a while,” Gosling says.

Ellen DeGeneres, Britney Spears and Ryan Gosling
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Of his time on the show, Gosling recalls how talented his co-stars were.

“When we first got to the show they sort of had all the kids perform for one another… and I remember it was Christina Aguilera and then Britney performed and I remember thinking, ‘OK so they’re like freakishly talented,’” Gosling says. “I was used to working with talented people, but that was another level.”

As for what he did to impress the ladies during his performance, Gosling used only one line. “I think I was just like, ‘I’m Canadian,'" he quips.

“That’s good. That’s plenty,” DeGeneres assures. “That’s all you need.”

Gosling's on the show to promote his new flick, First Man, where he plays astronaut Neil Armstrong. In preparation for the role Gosling decided to take up flying lessons, something he quickly abandoned.

“Neil was flying before he could drive, so it felt like something I should learn how to do,” Gosling says. “If I’m honest, you always hear about celebrities flying so I thought, ‘How hard could it be?’... it’s very hard.”

His breaking point with flying came when the instructors told him to take the plane into a self-imposed stall.

“I thought, ‘You know what else has stalled? My interest in flying. Let’s go,’” Gosling remembers. “... I thought, ‘Let’s land. I’ll spend my time learning other things.’”

While flying may not have been a perfect fit for the La La Land star, other parts of his character did appeal to him -- specifically the space suit costume.

“No one talks to you, you don’t have to talk to anyone. They’re great. If you have any kind of social anxiety I highly recommend a space suit,” Gosling says of the outfit. “You can be there, but you don’t actually have to be there.”

Knowing Gosling has many promotional appearances ahead of him, DeGeneres decides to gift the actor his very own space-themed suit, complete with an astronaut helmet.