Fox News is being widely mocked after criticizing Jamie Lee Curtis for using guns in the upcoming 'Halloween' movie

In an article published Wednesday, Fox News criticized actress Jamie Lee Curtis for using guns in the upcoming "Halloween" movie, "despite advocating for gun control" in real life.

"Curtis’s on-screen actions stand in contrast to her real-life persona as an advocate for gun control — one of several Hollywood actors who use firearms in their films while preaching against them away from the set," the article said.

People on Twitter were quick to mock Fox News for the piece, with many twisting the headline to reflect other absurd things actors have done in movies. Comedian Ronald Funches tweeted, "Outspoken child advocate Rick Moranis shrinks own kids" in reference to the movie "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids."

TV critic and author Matt Zoller Seitz simply called it, "The dumbest take of all time."

Below are some of the responses:

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