Jennifer Garner says family Halloween decorations will include Ben Affleck after finalizing divorce

Jennifer Garner may have finalized her divorce from Ben Affleck, but he’s still a big part of their family.

The 46-year-old actress made no direct mention of the divorce and didn’t name Affleck during her upbeat appearance on Monday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show, but she did share the family’s Halloween plans.

Noting that her three kids, whom she shares with Affleck, were focused on making their decorations “environmentally friendly,” Garner added that they’re going to be making, "Ghosts with fabric over them and then you decorate the ghosts to be like members of the family.”

The “family" isn’t just Garner and her kids, Violet, 12, Seraphina, 9, and Samuel, 6.

"My son will have big blue eyes, and then they’ll make their dad with a lot of scruff,” she said. "Then they’ll make me with long hair and glasses and probably a bun on my head.”

She added that they "give good candy bars,” and that she was unsuccessful in convincing her kids to all dress as “carrots” this year.

Last week multiple reports confirmed that Garner and Affleck had finalized their divorce three years after announcing their separation.

During her Ellen appearance, Garner also talked about some additional members of her family — her chickens!

"Martha Stewart told me — I just name dropped Martha Stewart! — but she did, she told me herself to keep them separated for as long as possible, so I did,” she said of her older chickens and her new baby chicks.

Unfortunately, when she tried to integrate them into the coop, one of her older chickens, Captain Hook, was attacking her younger one, Hennifer.

"I finally said to Captain Hook, ‘Look here, girl, you have got to shape up or it’s going to be solitary isolation. And they’re all going to be having the run of the coop and watching you in here,’” she quipped, noting that Captain Hook hasn’t changed her ways just yet.

Garner also has plans to add new chicks, "Oprah Henfrey” and "Ellen DeHeneres” to her coop.

The Peppermint star also participated in several challenges for charity. DeGeneres had Garner do push up, taking a bite of mashed potatoes off a plate every time she lowered down. She ended up raising $20,000 for breast cancer research.