Felicity Huffman on why 'Desperate Housewives' shouldn't have a revival (exclusive)

Will Desperate Housewives fans ever get a chance to return to Wisteria Lane?

ET’s Keltie Knight spoke with one of the show’s stars, Felicity Huffman, at The Rape Foundation Annual Brunch in Beverly Hills on Sunday, where she asked her if we might ever see her neurotic character Lynette Scavo again.

"No, there's no plans to reboot,” she responded. "I think we used up all the narrative there is and I think it's just going to be a cherished memory. It certainly is for me.”

Huffman, who is married to Shameless star William H. Macy, was also reminded that it’s been 15 years since the acclaimed dramedy first came on the air.

“I realized our youngest daughter [Grace] is 16, so she was about a year when I went to work,” she shared, revealing that their girls were sometimes close by when Desperate Housewives was filming.

“Our daughters are in some of those scenes,” Macy, who was also in attendance, said.

“Yeah, under tables,” Huffman chimed in. “Behind couches.”

During their chat with ET, Macy also admitted that he broke down in tears during Shameless co-star Emmy Rossum’s last table read.

“I’m the one who blew it,” he said. “We did a table read for her last episode. I cried right in the middle of the table read, in front of everyone. It was so bad and my voice turned into some weird voice I’d never heard as I was trying to muscle through it. And then everybody else started crying, so at least I didn't look like a complete jerk.”

In August, the 31-year-old actress announced she would be leaving the hit show after its ninth season comes to an end.

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