Kim Kardashian slammed for 'ridiculous' bikini Instagram: 'You should be ashamed!'

Kim Kardashian slammed for 'ridiculous' bikini Instagram: 'You should be ashamed!'

Kim Kardashian garnered a mix reaction with her latest racy Instagram post.

The KKW Beauty founder shared another photo of herself on Friday rocking a teeny vintage Chanel black-and-white bikini that left little to the imagination, and her 118 million Instagram followers' reactions were completely divided. Some people -- including some of her famous pals -- praised the star for her svelte physique, while others called her out and questioned why she felt the need to share the skin-baring snap.

"Same," Amy Schumer commented. "This body is giving us life!!" her best friend, Simon Huck, posted. "That's hot," Paris Hilton said.

Others weren't as friendly.

"This is ridiculous," one user wrote. "This lady really loves attention. This is not normal."

See the photo in the gallery below:

"I don't [really] do this, but this time I feel like I must. What point really, showing off a body that is not made of anything but plastic," someone else sounded off. "And for what for strangers to look at? Save it for your man instead. It's really sad and that's a call for desperate need of attention. You have three beautiful kids and a man that loves you. Be aware of your choices. You should be ashamed."

Someone else noted that it was "time to unfollow Kim."

Of course, Kardashian has made a career out of exhibiting polarizing behavior, especially on social media where she tends to share her most boundary-pushing content. Judging from her past habits, she likely won't react to the criticism that she received for the photo that she posted on Friday -- she can't be bothered!

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