Hilaria Baldwin carries 4-month-old son Romeo on the red carpet

Hilaria Baldwin brought a special date to the Hamptons International Film Festival! 

The 34-year-old mom of four brought the newest addition to her brood, 4-month-old Romeo, to the red carpet for The Kindergarten Teacher in East Hampton, New York, on Thursday. 

The mother-son duo posed on the carpet, where Hilaria kept it casual in an all-black leggings and T-shirt look. For his part, Romeo rocked a striped cap and a blue outfit as he hung out on his mom’s chest in a camouflage carrier, keeping his face hidden.

Hilaria was joined by her husband, Alec Baldwin -- with whom she also shares Carmen, 5, Rafael, 3, and Leonardo, 2 -- on the carpet. Alec, the 60-year-old co-chair of the board of directors for the festival, sported khakis, a brown blazer and dark shirt for the night out. 

Hilaria Baldwin
Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Hamptons International Film Festival
Peter Sarsgaard, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Hilaria Baldwin and Alec Baldwin

Peter Sarsgaard, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Hilaria Baldwin and Alec Baldwin

Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Hamptons International Film Festival

The couple also posed with the film’s star, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and her actor husband, Peter Sarsgaard

The night out came just a day after Hilaria shared an adorable snap of Romeo and Leo on Instagram.

“Leo is saying ‘here mommy!’ ...then when I would take the baby back, he would say ‘my baby!’ ...and take him again ...baby catch????” she captioned the sweet pic of the boys.  

Hilaria has been very open on social media about working to get her pre-baby body back. Earlier this week, she shared a pic collage of her at nine months pregnant, 12-days post-birth, and four-and-a-half months after welcoming Romeo.   

“The recovery from baby number 4 continues,” she wrote alongside the pics. “I share my journey and posts here because I believe so strongly that smart exercise, good eating, and a calm mind = healthy body. And I want you to experience it too because life is so worth living to its max...and you are so worth it.” 

Hilaria Baldwin's sexiest post-baby Instagrams
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Hilaria Baldwin's sexiest post-baby Instagrams
The recovery from baby number 4 continues....I share my journey and posts here because I believe so strongly that smart exercise, good eating, and a calm mind= healthy body. And I want you to experience it too because life is so worth living to it’s max...and you are so worth it.
❤️ @badgleymischka @harrywinston
One of my travel secrets is I pack an @oralb child electric toothbrush (no charger needed...so you can pack light)...it’s frozen, of course ❄️🤪. Totally copying my 5 year old 😂 #toothtwinsies . (The dress is @cottoncitizen @sonyafezzastyle )
Probably one of the most asked for exercises on my page is diastasis rect aka abdominal separation. I haven’t posted about this because I didn’t suffer from it with my pregnancies and wanted to do a lot of research before offering solutions. Most important concept is to CONTRACT AND ZIPPER UP YOUR ABS, RIGHT THROUGH THE MIDDLE OF YOUR TUMMY. Think about where the separation is and try to connect it again, through activation of core. Maintain this and 1: Releve and tuck hips under and foreword for 10. 2: Incline forward, pull in tighter through your lower belly, flex feet and pulse for 10. 3: Stand again, releve and shake hips side to side for 20. 3 sets of all 3 exercises. YOU MUST MAINTAIN CONTRACTION, OR IT WONT WORK. Do daily in am and pm...share with your friends so you can help them too #wegotthis2018 ps wardrobe choice is to show proper form. All fashion police will be blocked immediately 👮🏼‍♀️
Arms, butt, hamstrings. 5 on each side...3 sets ❤️ #wegotthis2018 (baby not necessary 😜) ps...do it above your knee. Not on top of it...notice how I’m shifting forward. This will prevent knee pain.
10 weeks, one day...it’s been a while since I posted an update photo like this. I do it to inspire feeding and exercising your body right. If it resonates with you, wonderful! If not, think of it as a bikini and scroll past ❤️ #wegotthis2018
Legs and butt! 3 sets 20...Carmen ran into the frame naked, so had to cut🙈...but you get the picture 😂 #wegotthis2018
Today’s post may seem a bit silly, but, if you look closely, im attempting to drink from a reusable straw...way hard in a handstand 😂! I learned embarrassingly recently how bad straws are for our planet. I have completely eliminated plastic straws from our home, and, for a while now, we have been using metal, glass, and occasionally paper versions. We really need to get serious about this issue. It doesn’t stop with straws, but it sure is a good place to start. I have been so inspired by people such a @adriangrenier , @lonelywhale , and @unenvironment who are educating, inspiring, and spreading the word. We all add up...so a little goes a long way. And, poco a poco, it becomes second nature to go as plastic free as possible. 💜 #wegotthis2018 #stopsucking
Biceps, back, and triceps. 5 reps of the first two exercises and then 10 of the third. One of my favs from working out with @chadlevy today @physique57 online app! #wegotthis2018 bikini is @triangl
In my book, The Living Clearly Method, I opened up about growing up with an eating disorder. I turned to yoga, health and wellness to heal my body and my mind. I think back to my old self and how much I would have struggled with gaining weight during pregnancy and being patient with healthfully losing it. I’m so happy I can be a strong and happy mommy now, completely accepting of my body. I’m so excited to partner with @Aerie and @NEDA on their journey to create a culture to celebrate all bodies and empower women to embrace their true selves. For every unretouched photo shared with the hashtag #AerieREAL, @Aerie will donate $1 to @NEDA. #AeriePartner #WeGotThis2018
Abs! Getting my core back in shape post baby...10 of each and do daily. 45 seconds of abs goes a long way ❤️❤️❤️ #wegotthis2018 ps...for the outfit comments: my purpose is to show that it is a process to get back into shape. You can see my stomach that is still going down after having a baby and the cellulite in my legs. I don’t use any filter. I know so many people wait to show their bodies until they are back in shape. I want to teach people that it’s a process. And one we should not be ashamed of. I also take these videos in spare moments and this is what was happening. If it helps you to see the process, great...if not, unfollow. I have a zero tolerance policy for bullying. Whether that be at others or at me.
9 months to 12 days postpartum (I took the photo on the right two days ago). Every body is different, but I believe in staying as active as possible. There were so many moments when I didn’t want to work out this pregnancy. Showing up is the most difficult challenge. I had to drag myself out and do even a little. Consistency helped me so much though...because the body wants attention and wants to be moved. So important for your circulation, your health, your happiness, and for your strength. I just started being able to workout yesterday. Slow and steady. Nothing crazy. Each birth is different and your doctor will be able to advise you on when you can begin. When you can, be patient with your body. You have been through so much and created something so precious. Know that day by day, movement by movement, you will regain your strength and feel amazing. #wegotthis2018
I always post a photo in this mirror in my hospital room within 24 hours after having my babies (except with Carmen...I was too much of a nervous first time mama 😂). I wanted to hold off the other day out of respect for the school shooting. I took this photo, Friday, the morning after this new baby was born. My purpose here is to normalize the postpartum figure and over the next days, weeks, and months, show you how I strengthen my body and return to my non pregnant self. You all came with me through my pregnancy...now it’s time to turn back into me. We all come in different shapes, sizes, and health experiences...but given the right love and care, we can feel really good within our skin. We just have to be patient and kind with our bodies. I’ll post my last two postpartum photos (Rafa and Leo) in my stories, so you can remember how we did this before. They are not glamorous, there is no filter, and I have a super sleepy face...but they are part of my real journey. I have so much respect and admiration for the human body...I hope that intention shines through and we can inspire each other to be healthier and happier. #wegotthis2018

Earlier in the summer, Hilaria was accused of Photoshopping her body in a different social media post, something she vehemently denied in an Instagram video. 

“If you know me, I’m totally against all of that and have been an advocate for appearing natural. It’s a shame that people are so accustomed to fake, that they want to see it everywhere,” she wrote in part. “I teach health because I want you to be happy and healthy. I believe life is both too long and too short to not be. I see the potential in everyone, and believe in my method and I want to help as many as possible. If you would like, take my hand in this quest for feeling good and treating your body well. If not, it is ok too...but don’t cheapen my message by saying silly things. Just move on to somewhere else.” 



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