Kim Kardashian apologizes for her and her sisters’ ‘insensitive’ comments about her weight loss

Kim Kardashian West is regretting how she chose to celebrate her recent weight loss.

This week, the mother of three appeared on the first episode of Ashley Graham’s podcast, Pretty Big Deal, where she opened up about the backlash she received for proudly announcing on social media back in August that she weighed 119 pounds.

“I 100 percent completely understand where people would be coming from that felt that way,” she said of those who were hurt or offended by how she and her family were talking about her 20-pound weight loss. “My intention is never to offend anyone and I really apologize if I offended anyone.”

The 37-year-old reality star came under fire after sharing videos of her being praised by sisters Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner for her slimmed-down figure, and for bragging about her size. Some fans and celebrities alike did not appreciate the girls’ intense focus on Kim's weight loss, and felt they were making light of eating disorders.

“You look so skinny,” Kendall Jenner said in one clip posted on Kim's Instagram Stories back in August. “I’m really concerned. I don’t think you’re eating.”

“I’ve never seen a human being look as good. It’s like… you’re a walking Facetune doll,” Khloe Kardashian added, noting her sister looked “anorexic.”

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Shortly after the clips were posted, actresses Stephanie Beatriz and Emmy Rossum spoke out against the Kardashians, talking about how their compliments to Kim were triggering to the stars' own struggles with body image and eating disorders.

“There’s only one time in my life when I ever weighed 119 pounds,” Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Beatriz posted on Instagram Stories at the time. “It was right in the middle of a terrible relationship, and intense eating disorder, and I thought that I could be thinner and look even better.”

On the podcast, Kim noted that she could definitely see where her critics were coming from on this topic.

“I know people that have serious eating disorders that have been in and out of the hospital for 15 years, close people,” she revealed. “So, I’ve been through, I’ve experienced it enough to have known better.”

At the time, Kim said she thought that joking around with her sisters was harmless, but added, “It was insensitive.”

Despite the criticism, Kim remains proud of her fit body, which she's worked hard on over the past year.

“I had spent an entire year working out with a body builder, literally six days a week, lost 20 pounds and it hasn’t been easy,” she said. “It’s been a year coming. My mom even, maybe a month ago, pulled me aside at a meeting once and was like, ‘What are you doing? What is going on? How are you losing this weight? Are you OK?'”

Kim plans to continue showing off her fitness journey on social media, noting, “I actually just feel healthy and strong and confident, so I just want to post it. I want to show people what heavy weights are doing.”

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