Kim Kardashian reveals the one thing she would like to change about Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have a great relationship, but there is one thing about the 41-year-old rapper that she would like to change.

Appearing on the debut episode of Ashley Graham's podcast, Pretty Big Deal, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star mentioned that her husband, who recently changed his name to YE, falls asleep everywhere.

"I would say Kanye is definitely a little bit narcoleptic. He falls asleep, like, everywhere," Kim, 37, shares. "My first fashion dinner when he was introducing us to people, they hardly spoke English and we were in France and he falls asleep at the dinner table in a restaurant."

This has apparently been an ongoing issue for Kim, who has previously posted photos of her husband falling asleep while at the park, and even in the middle of a store.

As for what Kanye would want to change about Kim? "He'd prefer me not to curse. I do curse a lot," she replies. "He would probably like it if I sent him sexy pictures more often. Yeah, I gotta get with it."

The couple tied the knot in 2014, and while they may be one of the most famous twosomes, Kim stressed that their marriage is totally normal.

"We just sit in bed at nighttime and watch Family Feud or whatever," she explains. "Or we fight because he wants to watch Rick and Morty, and I'm like, 'Can we please watch, like, the Long Island Medium?'"

Kim also shared that it's important for newlyweds and all couples to "just have fun" in their relationship. "Don't lose yourself," she said. "Still make date night."

Meanwhile, Kanye made headlines over the weekend after his bizarre Saturday Night Live performance and controversial off-air, pro-Donald Trump speech that Chris Rock posted to his Instagram Story. A source told ET that Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, along with their children, were all present during Kanye's speech. The source also noted that Kim just stared at Kanye and didn’t seem fazed by his remarks, despite him receiving audible boos from the crowd.


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