'DWTS': Sharna Burgess admits she's mad at Bobby Bones for throwing in his own dance moves (Exclusive)

Bobby Bones is full of energy and excitement on this season of Dancing With the Stars -- but this week it seemed to come back and bite him.

Speaking with ET after Monday's show, Bones' pro partner, Sharna Burgess, said she was exactly thrilled with his antics.

"Right now, I'm mad at him," Burgess plainly admitted.

"That's true! It's absolutely true. This is no set-up," Bones added, with an unusual level of enthusiasm in his voice. "She is ticked at me, and she deserves to be."

After running around on the stage like a man possessed after his dance with Burgess during the premiere last week, the 38-year-old radio personality celebrated in an unorthodox way on Monday's New York City night.

Following the couple's stylish foxtrot set to Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York," Bones failed to follow through with the dance's final move, and instead ended the routine by doing his attempt at the viral dance craze known as flossing. The judges were, needless to say, a little confused about his decision, and Burgess just looked embarrassed for the both of them.

The couple earned a lackluster score of 20 out of 30, which many believe would have been higher if he hadn't added his own bonkers choreography at the end of the routine.

However, Bones admitted that he doesn't totally regret how he celebrated on the dance floor.

"I'm also happy that people watched, and smiled. My goal is to make people smile the whole show, and to be a better dancer as the show climbs," Bones said. "I want to get better as the show goes on, but I want people to think that at any time I could do anything that's gonna make them smile."

While the thought of Bones' unpredictability is clearly something that makes Burgess a little nervous, the 33-year-old Australian dancer says she doesn't want to rein in his personality.

"I don't want to control him, I just want him to believe in the dancing that he does," Burgess said. "I love the way he celebrates and I love what he brings to the dance floor, I just want him to finish the last move. That's all! And then he can celebrate and party."

"I didn't finish the last move last week either," Bones added, sheepishly. "I get a little too excited."

Despite his underwhelming scores, Bones said he sees himself in the competition for the long haul, and hopes to impress America with his development as a dancer.

"By week four, five, six, seven, we're gonna be dancing our brains out. And they're gonna go 'Wow, look how this guy went from a goofball to an actual dancer,'" Bones said. "That's the growth that I wanna show."

If they do end up making it to the freestyle rounds, Burgess joked that she's just going to let Bones loose on the stage.

"I'm not even going to choreograph it. I'm just going to press play on a track and let him do his thing," she said, laughing.

Before Bones and Burgess get the chance to perform a freestyle, they'll first have to make it past Tuesday night's elimination -- which will come after all the couples perform for the second time this week during the show's Las Vegas night.

According to Bones, fans can expect "better dancing and better form" from their upcoming performance, and even teased, "There's a magic trick that I'm gonna crush." According to the enthusiastic performer, he and Burgess are going to pull off the old saw a woman in half trick.

Hopefully, Bones manages to keep his composure long enough to put the magically bisected volunteer back together.

While they are both excited for their Las Vegas Night routine, the pair admitted that learning two dances in one week has been "really hard."

"The hours that we needed to get, we couldn't, because there just wasn't enough of them," Burgess said. "Two dances a week was a near-impossible task for a lot of couples on this show. Yet we got out there and we did an incredible job, and tomorrow is amazing also. So I'm proud of everybody on this cast and this guy right here."

Dancing With the Stars returns Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. ET will be covering the show in real time on our live blog, which kicks off when the show commences.