‘Will & Grace’ sneak peek: Does David Schwimmer know NYC better than Grace?

Will Ross take down Grace? During the Thursday, October 4, premiere of Will & Grace, David Schwimmer joins as Noah, Grace Adler’s new love interest, but it looks like the two have very different opinions.

“Don’t take it personally, OK. I just think people like you are ruining the city,” Noah says to Grace (Debra Messing) in Us Weekly’s exclusive sneak peek of the premiere. “Did you know there are now more cupcake shops than porno theaters in my neighborhood? Who wants to live in that world?”

In a very Grace-like manor, she answers, “I do! Porn is gross and we are living in the golden age of cupcakes.”

Noah disagrees, however, adding that the Big Apple does need “beautification” but actually needs “uglification,” which includes Lincoln Plaza Cinemas and Little Mike’s. When Grace argues that she once found a mouse floating in her soda at Little Mike’s, Noah had a solution.

“So you drink around it, it’s New York,” he says.

This will mark Schwimmer’s return to comedy television since Friends, which aired on NBC from 1994 to 2004, and his three-episode arc on Curb Your Enthusiasm in 2004. While it’s safe to say Noah has New York in common with Friends’ Ross Geller, that may be their only similarity.

“He’s as far away from Ross as he can possibly get because he’s already mastered Ross,” Messing told Variety. “I think people will be excited to see him in our world playing a different part.” Viewers also saw a different side of Schwimmer in 2016 when he portrayed the late defense attorney Robert Kardashian in The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story.

Schwimmer is set to appear in five episodes of Will & Grace.

Will & Grace premieres on NBC Thursday, October 4, at 9 p.m. ET.