Kate Middleton's mother sparks outrage for selling 'zombie princess' costume

Kate Middleton's mother was reportedly selling a Halloween costume that did not sit well with a friend of Princess Diana.

According to the Daily Mail, Caroline Middleton's Party Pieces website was selling a "Zombie Sleeping Princess" costume, which consisted of a bloodied, town princess dress, bloodied socks and a tiara and cost 11 pounds.

As the Daily Star reports, the also the description of the costume read, "this not so pretty princess costume features a blood-drenched pink silky dress. This princess will be the scariest princess at any Halloween party."

For some, the costume hit way too close to home over twenty years after Diana died in car accident in Paris.

See photos of Princess Diana from throughout her life:

Diana’s friend, psychic Simone Simmons, reportedly told the Daily Star that the costume is “sicker than sick.

"This is really scraping the barrel. It’s twisted and warped," she continued. "I hope people boycott this site."

Fans of the royal family called out Carole herself for carrying such a costume.

"It's outrageous for Carole to sell a costume like that with the word 'princess' in the title," someone said.

The posting now appears to be taken down from the website.