Black Mirror: Season 5 to include an interactive episode — Report


Black Mirror fans, you’ll soon be able to create the dystopian nightmare that you want to see. Season 5 of the tech-centric Netflix series will include an interactive, choose-your-own-adventure-style episode, according to a report by Bloomberg.

Though details about the episode are scarce, Black Mirror viewers will reportedly be able to influence the storyline of the installment. It isn’t yet clear how, exactly, fans will be able to interact with the show.

Black Mirror’s interactive episode is one of several similar projects that Netflix will be launching in the coming months, all of which will allow viewers to choose storylines in a TV episode or movie.

TVLine has reached out to Netflix for comment.

Black Mirror is coming off four 2018 Emmy wins for the Season 4 standout “USS Callister”: Outstanding TV Movie, Sound Editing (Limited Series), Writing (Limited Series) and Single-Camera Picture Editing (Limited Series). The show also garnered four additional nominations, including acting nods for “USS Callister” star Jesse Plemons and “Black Museum” actress Letitia Wright.

Per Bloomberg, Black Mirror‘s fifth season is expected to drop in December.