Regina George look-alike has internet going wild

“So you agree? You think you’re really pretty?”

Queen bee villain Regina George, played by Rachel McAdams in the 2004 "Mean Girls," is one of a kind. Sort of.

A 16-year-old pageant queen from Namibia isn’t her, but sure looks a lot like the actress. People on social media can’t seem to get over that Miss Teen Namibia runner-up and aspiring actress, Clarisse Muller, looks just like the star of the 2004 film.

“Oh god I thought this was Regina George” one person tweeted in response to photos of Muller.

"I’m not gonna sit here on twitter for you to tell me this ISN’T Regina George," someone else said.

As for Muller, she seemed to be having fun with it, telling us she loves all the attention. She’s even posting some of her favorite Mean Girls quotes on her Instagram Stories.

“Is butter a carb?”

See photos from "Mean Girls" for comparison: