'Oh no, not the BMW': Martha Stewart trolled over post about friend's luxury car being destroyed in a flood

Oh, Martha.

Domestic doyenne Martha Stewart’s heart was in the right place when she shared a photo on Instagram of several cars submerged in water. She wrote that while it looked like “a scene from the devastated coastline towns of North Carolina,” it was actually taken in Westport, Conn., which is not far from her upstate New York home, where there were flash floods this week. She ended the otherwise innocuous post by writing, “My friend Doug lost his BMW. Luckily he got out safely.”

While she appeared to be posting innocently, commenters couldn’t help but troll Stewart, 77, for noting that her friend was driving a luxury car. One with the username jlryder wrote, “Oh no, not the BMW,” with a screaming face emoji. “Did someone lose some Louboutins too??” Neil_pleskovitch hoped “the foie gras was kept on high ground.” Gmoniz posted, “Pour one out for Doug’s BMW.” Lithium_alien wrote, “I’m sure Doug can buy many others BMW, boo hoo.” Someone who goes by TempestTempest wrote, “Oh, Martha. You mean well, but this comes across quite tone-deaf.” And Agromek posted, “No one cares about the brand but pretentious wannabes. She could have just said ‘car,'” and later added, “The fact that MS feels compelled to tell us its a BMW is total nonsense. She made it about rich [white] people [and] less about the flood.”

There were several comments about what the folks hit by Hurricane Florence endured. For example, Thickfromphilly put, “BMW? Please. Some people in North Carolina lost their homes and possessions that money can’t buy. Things that they will never be able to replace.”

Stewart had supporters too. “All these people talking s*** bc she mentioned a bmw, but missing the point of our rivers are flooding and y’all are calling out people on their priorities,” wrote shann_stand. Sue.larson26 wrote, “It’s sad for any human to suffer the effects and terror of bad weather. I am sorry for Martha’s friend. Mentioning the type of vehicle is just, as Martha’s daughter might say, ‘so Martha.'” Pinningjennylynne put, “Don’t be mad just bc Martha received news from a friend of hers who has a BMW. At least she’s honest and open about it. What do you want here? Sorry she didn’t hear it from someone w a Honda or a Kia. Would that make you feel better?”

One reminded everyone that a simple unfollow should be the course of action taken by critics.

“Why are some people so mad that Martha referred to it as a BMW. Big deal, it’s not a private jet!” wrote Cherieco63. “She’s not trying to rub your nose in it. If you don’t like seeing someone else living the good life you shouldn’t follow Martha!”

Any negative comments haven’t stopped Stewart, who’s certainly faced harsher criticism in her life. She’s continued posting on social media — with the comments on.

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