Kristen Bell channels her inner Gossip Girl to read Donald Trump tweets

Spotted: Kristen Bell tapping into her Gossip Girl past this week to poke fun at President Donald Trump.

Before she discovered “The Good Place,” Bell had voiced the titular narrator of the classic CW show about the lives and loves of a group of teenage Upper East Siders. While Dan Humphrey, a character on the series played by Penn Badgley, was eventually revealed to be the notorious blogger (do we really need a spoiler alert if the show ended six years ago?), Bell and her impeccable voiceover skills could never truly be replaced.

So who better to give life to a handful of Trump’s most outrageous tweets than Bell when she stopped by “Late Night With Seth Meyers” on Wednesday night?

“We feel as though a lot of Donald Trump’s tweets feel very gossipy,” Meyers told the actress. “We have asked if you wouldn’t mind reading a few of them with the classic Gossip Girl send-off.”

Bell said she was “honored” to perform such a task and launched into an expert recitation of Trump’s tweets about National Security Agency contractors, Hillary Clinton and, of course “covfefe.”

“They do sound like the things that were written on the show,” Bell noted.

Meyers even included a tweet from Trump attacking the talk show host’s recent Emmys hosting gig.

Bell didn’t appear in person on the teen series until its final episode in 2012, where she played herself in a cameo with “OC” star Rachel Bilson.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.