Big Brother’s JC defends his controversial behavior: ‘I’m not a pervert’

JC Mounduix called himself the puppet master of Big Brother season 20, but his ruthless gameplay was not the only thing that made headlines. The professional dancer came under fire multiple times throughout the summer for his controversial behavior toward his fellow houseguests, which he defended during an interview after the finale on Wednesday, September 26.

“I can be a lot of things, but I’m not a pervert. I can tell you that,” the 28-year-old told Entertainment Weekly. “I hope these things don’t escalate. … Just don’t magnify drama, how I like to call it.”

Live-feed viewers called out Mounduix on Twitter for several inappropriate incidents, including when he placed an ice cream scooper on his housemates’ genitals, said the N-word, misused #MeToo, asked Rachel Swindler whether she was transgender, held open the door while Haleigh Broucher used the bathroom and kissed a sleepingTyler Crispen’s armpit.

In response to his actions with runner-up Crispen, the Miami native told the magazine, “We were really close in the house. I was having nightmares all the time. I would have the girls and guys talk with me and patting me. Tyler was sleeping and he was making sounds that he never does, and I was like, ‘Babe, it’s gonna be OK.’ I was in the middle of my sleep. I pulled his bandana down so he could sleep and I gave him a kiss on his shoulder. … Honestly, I don’t even remember that much. You know, we were super friends and super close.”

As for the Broucher scandal, Mounduix said, “I was walking up to the bathroom and always when I’m getting close to the door, I go, ‘Knock-knock,’ and people say ‘No.’ But she didn’t answer. … So I opened and she screamed. So I’m like, ‘Oh, you wanna play this game?’”

The reality star insisted that the college student, 21, was fully clothed. “That’s why I left it open,” he said. “If I would have noticed at any point she was being a little bit naked or something … I would never leave that door open. I told her, and she was completely dressed. She scared me, and I just wanted to [do a] prank.”

Big Brother executive producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan said in a statement to Us Weekly in August that they reviewed footage of Mounduix’s behavior after “the expression of viewer concerns.” They said they spoke with Broucher and Crispen, 23, about the incidents and the duo “in no way felt threatened, unsafe or sexually harassed.” The producers assured fans that the “safety and security of our houseguests is and will continue to be our top priority.”