Scott Baio accuses Nicole Eggert of 'cyberstalking' after she tweets that she wishes 'he got the punishment Cosby did'

The bitterness between Scott Baio and Nicole Eggert continues.

Three months after the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office determined that the 58-year-old actor wouldn’t be charged over sexual assault allegations made by his Charles in Charles co-star — because the statute of limitations had expired — the pair are involved in a new feud on Twitter over the allegations. It began following Bill Cosby’s sentencing to three to 10 years in prison on Tuesday. Eggert, who has accused Baio of molesting her from the ages of 14 to 17, cheered the decision to send the Cosby Show star, who was convicted of sexual assault, to jail. She wrote that she wished the same thing had happened to her “abuser,” and that she’s glad California is eliminating the statute of limitations on prosecuting sex crimes.

While Eggert didn’t @ Baio or even use his name, he caught wind of her post and was on the attack. He noted the Cosby sentence gave her “an excuse to restart her false claims.”

He also wrote that there should be “consequences” for “false claims & cyber stalking” and then corrected her for referring to his ethnicity as “white.”

He also retweeted a bunch of posts from his supporters that called Eggert a variety of different insults, including “psychotic.”

Amid the #MeToo Movement, Eggert accused Baio of molesting her in the ’80s, beginning when she was 14 and he was 25. She made the claim in January and filed a police report in February. She said on Megyn Kelly Today that the abuse “happened quite often” at Baio’s house — more than 10 times and about once a week. She accused him of groping, fondling, touching, and kissing her. Another Charles in Charge co-star, Alexander Polinsky, also said Baio exposed his genitals on the set. However, in June, prosecutors said they wouldn’t be pursuing the case because “the applicable statute of limitations to the crimes alleged by the victim have expired. Thus, the case is declined.”

Baio, who was already a big star before Charles in Charge due to the success of Happy Days, maintained from the start that he was innocent and that he and Eggert were “never” alone together on the set. “I don’t know if you’ve ever been on a sitcom set, but on any given day … there’s teachers, parents, family, crew, producers, my dad,” he said on Good Morning America. “So how any of this could have happened is absolutely impossible.” In August, he held a press conference to announce he had taken and passed five polygraph tests to refute Eggert’s claims.

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