Rapper Lil Xan says too many Flamin' Hot Cheetos landed him in hospital

Lil Xan has a new warning for the kids.

The rapper best known for his diss track about Xanax revealed this week that a dangerous diet of too many Flamin’ Hot Cheetos landed him in the hospital.

In a video posted on Instagram, Lil Xan showed his hospital bracelet and cautioned people to go easy on the super spicy snack.

“I just want to let everybody know I was in the hospital, not due to any drugs, but I guess I ate too many hot Cheetos, and uh it ripped, it ripped something in my stomach open, so I puked a little blood,” he said with a laugh. “We good.”

In a caption to the video, he urged his fans to “be safe.”

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“Just wanna let everyone know that I’m good, healthier (than) I’ve ever been and ready to kick of my third Tour in NY in a couple days! Also be careful, Hot Cheetos are one hell of a drug aha!” he wrote.

Lil Xan, whose real name is Diego Leanos, is most famous for his platinum hit “Betrayed,” a song about his addiction to Xanax and his bad experience with the prescription drug.

“Xans don’t make you / Xans gon’ take you / Xans gon’ fake you / And Xans gon’ betray you,” he says in the track.

Leanos, 22, also made headlines over the summer for his publicized romance with Noah Cyrus, the younger sister of Miley Cyrus.

After their breakup this month, he told popular podcaster Adam22 the relationship was forced by their record label.