Nicky Hilton reviews Chuck E. Cheese’s

Five stars! Nicky Hilton and James Rothschild took their daughters Lily, 2, and Teddy, 9 months, to a Chuck E. Cheese’s — and it was quite the culinary experience.

“The pizza was more fabulous than I ever remembered,” Hilton, 34, told Us Weekly at the Biolage R.A.W. Dinner in New York City on Monday, September 24. She went with plain cheese, while the British banker, 33, ordered his pie with pepperoni. Both hit the salad bar.

“We loved it,” the fashion designer gushed. But she was disappointed about one thing: the Long Island franchise did not have a ball pit. “I was so upset,” Hilton admitted. Her husband, who is from England, had never been to the restaurant and she wanted him to have the full experience.

“I’m describing these ball pits, and we get there, and they’re like, ‘No. No ball pit,’” she recalled.

Hilton and Rothschild tied the knot at Kensington Palace in July 2015. The heiress’ sister, Paris Hilton, meanwhile, is engaged to Chris Zykla— and nieces Lily and Teddy will have special roles in the wedding. “They’ll definitely be flower girls,” Nicky told Us. “Lily will be excited to wear a pretty dress and throw flower petals.”

Paris, 37, and Zylka, 33, have both been open about their desire to have a big family. Nicky has no doubt the DJ will be a wonderful mother. “She’s like a big kid herself, so I think she’ll be a lot of fun,” Nicky explained. “I don’t envision her being crazy strict.”

But for now, Paris is happy just spoiling Lily and Teddy. As Nicky told Us: “She loves bringing them presents!”