Criticism, eye-rolls follow announcement that Mel Gibson will direct 'Wild Bunch' remake: 'Hard pass'


Mel Gibson wants his career back, and some industry power are players willing to help him out -- but outside of Hollywood, few are eagerly awaiting a return.

Warner Bros. has signed off on Gibson to co-write, direct and executive produce a remake of "Wild Bunch," the violent Western flick originally released in 1969. The Hollywood Reportertweeted the news -- and reactions weren't exactly warm.

"Ugh, go away," one user griped, while another added, "Gross. No thanks."

"Wow," a third mused. "What could possibly go right?"

While there were a select few positive responses, the overwhelming majority of the reactions ranged from distaste to outright disgust. A few also said that while they were indifferent on Gibson, they have no interest in a "Wild Bunch" remake.

Gibson was largely blacklisted from the entertainment industry after a string of incidents, most infamously a 2006 DUI arrest that culminated in him blaming Jews for all of the world's problems. He was also accused of domestic violence by one of his ex-wives, and a taped phone call released in 2010 heard him berating her about being "raped by a pack of n-----s."

In recent years he's edged his way back into the spotlight and received a Best Director Oscar nomination in 2017 for "Hacksaw Ridge."