Jada Pinkett Smith, mom and daughter Willow break the internet with abs photo

Jada Pinkett Smith, along with her mom and daughter Willow flexed on us and showed off three generations of their ripped abs of steel that sent shockwaves through social media.

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“That three generational thing,” Jada, 47, wrote in a caption on Instagram, with a shocking pic of her mother Adrienne Banfield-Jones, flaunting her a six-pack along with Willow sporting a flat tummy too.

Banfield-Jones may be 65 years old, but her body begs to differ.

Back in August even her daughter Pinkett-Smith had to do a double take when working out with her mom, and shared a video saying: “Why is Gam Bam puttin me to shame???”

Seems like the ladies are enjoying some time off and are chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool until the new season of their popular YouTube show Red Table Talk returns.

This tight-knit family likes to share more than just pics of their rock-hard bellies. In fact, during an episode of their show Jada Pinkett Smith had no qualms about telling 17-year-old Willow about her addiction to orgasms.

Yeah, that part.

According to PEOPLE, on an episode of Pinkett-Smith’s tell every bit of your business Red Table Talk show, she opened way up to her daughter Willow, her mom and Willow’s best friend about how she pleasured herself and used sex toys so much that it became a rampant addiction.

“I think by your age, I gave myself multiples first,” Pinkett-Smith said.

“Multiple orgasms. I was really into it at one point. Just because I was in an exploration state and I was abstaining from men.”

“I actually think I went through kind of an addiction, too, with it. And then one day, I was like, ‘Enough. You’re having five orgasms a day,’” she revealed.

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Well alrighty then!

Pinkett-Smith’s mom Banfield on the other hand is old-school and admitted she was well into adulthood before her friends suggested that she get jiggy with trying out some sex toys.

But it was Pinkett-Smith’s grandmother who taught her about pleasuring herself.

“My grandmother taught me about self-pleasuring because she wanted me to know that that pleasure was from me,” the Girls Trip star, 46, said.

“She didn’t want me to fall into the hands of a man, and if he gave me pleasure, to think that that was him. And she taught me at 9!”

There are no secrets when it comes to this crew.

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