Khloe Kardashian's Good American invents size 15


In order to stay successful in a saturated market, listening to your customers is key. And that's what Khloe Kardashian and Emma Grede did with their all-inclusive denim brand, Good American.

Since Good American’s million dollar launch in 2016, the brand has received 50 percent more returns between 14 and 16, compared to any other size in their 00-24 size range. In order to bridge the gap of this issue, the brand invented a size 15 which launched today. The new size will debut as a part of the new Good Curve collection (retailing from $159-169) as well as additional fan-favorite styles.

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“At Good American, we're constantly looking for ways to provide women with the perfect fit so that they look and feel they're very best. We discovered the need for Size 15 after looking at customer data and feedback and knew we needed to create a solution," Emma Grede explained.

"The problem in sizing continues to speak to how the industry doesn’t cater to all women, especially those at the higher end of the size spectrum. We're so excited and proud to offer Size 15 so that more women have access to stylish, great-fitting denim,” she added.

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