Dax Shepard defends Kristen Bell’s weed use: ‘Get real’

Dax Shepard, who has been sober for 14 years, came to his wife Kristen Bell’s defense after she admitted she likes to smoke weed.

“That would be like a diabetic expecting their partner to never eat dessert,” the 43-year-old Parenthood alum tweeted in response to a story about Bell’s comments. “Get real!”

The Good Place star, who wed Shepard in 2013, made headlines earlier this month when she opened up about her recreational drug use on the “WTF with Marc Maron” podcast.

“I like my Vape pen quite a bit. Weed rules. Weed is my drug of choice, for sure,” Bell, 38, confessed. “I can’t do it around my kids, which is a phenomenal amount of hours each week. Once a week, if I’m just exhausted and we’re about to sit down and watch 60 Minutes, why not?” (Shepard and Bell are parents of daughters Lincoln, 5, and Delta, 3.)

The Veronica Mars alum also revealed that she would like to try cocaine once before she dies. “I have that kind of a face and personality that if I’m at a party, no one brings it out,” she explained. “They’re like, ‘Oh don’t bring that around Kristen.’”

During the conversation with Maron, Bell revealed that Shepard, who previously told her she would love ecstasy, “doesn’t have a problem with anyone else partaking in anything.”

“Provided within reason, that they’re not acting like a complete shmuck,” she explained. “He’s fine if people do things. He likes drugs and alcohol. He just is aware that he lost his privilege with them because he can’t handle it. His brain does not have the chemistry to handle it.”

Bell posted a heartfelt tribute to Shepard in honor of his 14th year of sobriety on September 1.

“I know how much you loved using. I know how much it got in your way. And I know, because I saw, how hard you worked to live without it,” she wrote in part. “I will forever be in awe of your dedication, and the level of fierce moral inventory you perform on yourself, like an emotional surgery, every single night.”