Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka's kids have one of their fathers to thank for their chic wardrobes (Exclusive)


If you've seen photos of Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka with their kids, Harper and Gideon, you've probably noticed a couple of things: They're always enjoying themselves -- usually eating sushi at a hot new restaurant or watching Broadway's most in-demand new show -- and they're always impeccably dressed.

But, as the couple recently told AOL's Gibson Johns, only one of them is responsible for the kids' adorably chic ensembles -- and that's David.

"I take full responsibility!" he told AOL when we asked about Harper and Gideon's wardrobes. "But they have opinions [on what they wear] now that they're older. It's awful!"

Neil explained that it's David who "loves dressing them, loves buying clothes for them and loves online shopping" for their two children, but instead of being able to simply pick out their outfits for them, now that the twins are 7, they want to have more of a say in what they wear. Which, fair enough. But it can create a bit of harmless drama in their household.

"It’s hilarious to observe, because [David] will say to Harper, ‘What do you think of this dress?’ And he’ll show her images on a screen and she’ll be in a distracted mood and say she loves it," Neil explained. "Then he’ll order everything and when he’s demanding that she wear the dress…"

"She’ll be like, ‘Not approved!’ She won’t wear it," David chimed in with a laugh. "And I’m like, ‘Why did I take the price tags off of it?! I asked you twice!’ Like, are you kidding me? Some kid at Good Will is getting a good deal."

Neil added that David has "taught [Harper] well" when it comes to her style, but it's both of them that have imparted their love of food, theater and culture onto their New York City-dwelling tots. The couple, who recently threw an event for the Capital One Savor card, explained that it's really the only way they know.

"It’s just what we do, and they’re along for the ride," David said. "They get to experience our fun life. We always were going out to dinner and doing the hot new thing or seeing the hot new show, and we’re just passing that down to our kids. We’re really making memories, and we’re using a card that allows us to get four percent cash back. How amazing is that?"

"We have always been big proponents of going and experiencing things," Neil echoed. "We spend a lot of time watching our favorites shows and seeing movies, but you can have a more fully defined experience that you’ll remember longer if you go and actually take action and do something."

Neil and David light up when they talk through all of the things that they enjoy doing with their kids, but there's one thing that the entire family is clearly incredibly passionate about above all else: food. In addition to Burtka being a professional chef, both he and Neil have also gotten their offspring accustomed to eating well. So well, in fact, that Harper and Gideon started eating sushi before they could even talk.

"Our kids have strong palates, so going around and getting to have meals together is something that we’ve been able to do since the kids were super little," Neil explained. "We got them into Sushi at 9 months! Because of that, we get to go to the most exciting restaurants where we’re not required to order our dishes and then plain pasta with butter or chicken finger dinosaurs."

The former "How I Met Your Mother" star admitted that such a quality in his family can indeed have its drawbacks, though.

"Because of that, we don’t order off of the kids’ menu for the kids -- so it’s always an expensive meal," he joked.

Hey, more cash back!