Julie Chen exits 'The Talk': Other talk show hosts react

Julie Chen exits 'The Talk': Other talk show hosts react

Julie Chen's decision to leave "The Talk" after her husband, Les Moonves, was fired as the CEO of the show's network, CBS, has sent shockwaves throughout the world of television.

"I need to spend more time at home with my husband and our young son, so I've decided to leave 'The Talk,'" Chen explained of her decision to leave the show that she's been part of since it premiered back in 2010. "I want to thank everyone at the show for the wonderful years together. I will always, always cherish the memories we shared."

One day after Chen's Tuesday announcement via pre-taped video, the longtime television personality's peers on daytime TV are reacting to the news.

"Julie, from all of us at 'The View,' we do wish you well," Whoopi Goldberg said on Wednesday morning.

Wendy Williams, though, was a little less sympathetic to Chen.

"It's nice to know she watches 'Hot Topics,' where I said she should quit because she is a distraction," Williams said on Wednesday. "She ended up crying towards the end but, in my mind, those weren't tears because of the crew. In my opinion, she wasn't crying because of the cast and the crew and the staff and stuff. She was crying because now she has to go back to the compound and deal with that man and try to keep her son out of it. And there is no compound to me that is big enough."

"Today" show co-anchors Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb appeared on "Watch What Happens Live" on Tuesday night following Chen's tearful announcement, and they expressed how difficult Chen's situation has been.

"I think it was probably a tough decision for her," Kotb said. "That show -- and I really love that show, actually -- you have to give so much of your own personal life in it. I think it would be hard to be on that show and if you couldn't share, so I sorta understood."

"Whatever she decides, we have to respect her," Guthrie added.

On Wednesday morning's "Today" show," Kathie Lee also shared her thoughts on Chen's predicament.

"It always bugs me when they say the humiliated so-and-so," she said. "I'm capable of humiliating myself. She's not humiliated. She's heartbroken. There's a big difference. You know what I'm saying?"

Fellow CBS personalities Gayle King and Norah O'Donnell also reacted to Chen's departure from "The Talk" on Wednesday morning's "CBS This Morning."

"You can tell that was a tough time for Julie yesterday," King said. "She's done a great job and you know how much she loved doing that job, too. She'll be missed on that show."

"We should say 'The Talk' won many Emmys and is a great daytime program that focuses a lot on a whole range of issues and Julie's done a great job," O'Donnell added.

On Monday's episode of "The Real," a rival show of "The Talk," the co-hosts had differing opinions on what Chen should do next. Loni Love said that "it's appropriate that she leaves," while Adrienne Bailon urged Chen not to "hide" during this difficult time.

"This is the time that she should be talking about it!" she added.

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