Pregnant Kat Von D’s birth plan sounds intense

Pregnant Kat Von Dwon’t be slipping into a hospital gown to welcome her first child in 10 weeks.

“We’re excited to have a natural, unmedicated, drug-free home birth in water,” Von D told Us Weekly at the Mercy for Animals Presents Hidden Heroes event in Los Angeles on Saturday, September 15.

The 36-year-old tattoo artist was inspired to labor at home after watching Ricki Lake’s 2008 documentary The Business of Being Born. “It was life-changing,” she revealed. “After that we ditched the doctors and found a midwife. We did a lot of research. We’re excited.”

Von D and her husband Leafar Seyer (real name: Rafael Reyes) tied the knot in February. Three months later, Von D and the singer shared the news on Instagram that they are expecting a baby boy together. The couple have already decided their bundle of joy will share his dad’s stage name Leafar, which is Rafael spelled backwards.

Though the Kat Von D makeup founder has reached a point in her pregnancy where many women complain of heartburn and backache, she hasn’t experienced any of that. “I’ve actually had no symptoms,” she told Us. “Other than this big belly.”

Von D noted that Seyer, 43, has been her rock. “I’m really lucky I have a husband who is really involved in the entire process,” she gushed to Us. “Not by my choice, you know, I don’t force it on him. He’s super excited to be a part of everything. I’m lucky.”

The L.A. Ink alum and Mexico native will became first-time parents during their favorite season. “We love the fall because we wear black,” Von D told Us. “Halloween time is the best time.”

Von D was previously married to tattoo artist Oliver Peck from 2003 to 2007. She was engaged to bikerJesse James in 2011 and DJ Deadmau5from 2012 to 2013.

With reporting by Nicholas White.