Julie Chen officially exits 'The Talk'


Julie Chen is officially all Talk‘d out. The CBS show’s founding co-host will announce her departure on Tuesday’s show via a videotaped message, CNN reports.

News of Chen’s Talk resignation comes a little more than a week after Chen’s husband Les Moonves was fired as CBS longtime CEO amid a wave of sexual misconduct allegations. As previously reported, Chen’s decision to sign off of last Thursday’s Big Brother with a not-so-subtle declaration of support for her disgraced husband made it next to impossible for her to resume her day job, though she is expected to stay on as host of the hit reality series.

Moonves, CBS’ longtime CEO, was fired on Sept. 9 after a second wave of sexual misconduct allegations came to light. The next day, Chen announced that she “was taking a few days off from The Talk to be with my family,” adding, “I will be back soon and will see you Thursday night on Big Brother.” Chen did indeed return to Big Brother, but she ended the episode by telling viewers, “I’m Julie Chen Moonves. Good night.”

Chen’s Talk co-hosts previously discussed their longtime leader’s absence on the Sept. 10 premiere, with Sharon Osbourne confessing, “It’s very embarrassing and upsetting to have to talk about [Julie’s] husband, but… we feel it’s right.” Regarding Moonves, Osbourne maintained, “Obviously the man has a problem.” Sara Gilbert also chimed in, saying that while she loves and supports Chen “always,” this is “an important time in our culture. And just because this hits close to home, it doesn’t change this story. All women’s stories matter. This is very serious and the appropriate actions need to take place.”