Jesse Tyler Ferguson on legacy of 'Modern Family': 'I don’t want the show to live as a time capsule' (Exclusive)


After 10 seasons on ABC, "Modern Family" will come to an end in 2019 -- and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who has played Mitchell Pritchett on the sitcom since it premiered back in 2009, hopes that the show continues to make an impact well past its series finale.

"I don’t want the show to live as a time capsule," Ferguson recently told AOL's Gibson Johns during an interview on behalf of Absolut. "I want it to continue to be a pop culture touchstone for talking about equality and coming out and being yourself. I love that there is a visible gay couple that is raising a kid in a healthy environment on television. Well, mostly healthy, let’s be real."

"I do want people to look to our show and see the type of family that they could have," he added. "I would love for kids to see a future for themselves in characters like Mitch and [his husband,] Cam. That’s something that I didn’t have growing up, and I’m grateful that I can be that for other people."

Ferguson told us that, though he's uncertain what life without "Modern Family" will look like, he'd love the opportunity to sink his teeth into several Broadway roles -- including perhaps a "big musical revival." But, for now, the 43-year-old actor is savoring his time on set and reflecting on what the show's platform has allowed him to do for the LGBTQ community.

"Coming out of 'Modern Family,' I am so grateful that I have an amplified voice for the things that I care about so much," he explained. "One of the things that’s top of my list that I advocate for is LGBTQ equality, which is one of the reasons I loved working with Absolut, because they’ve been so visible and so organically vocal for that community."

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The Emmy award-winning actor stars in the vodka's brand's latest ad campaign, for its new no sugar added flavor, Absolut Grapefruit. The #NoSugarCoating campaign's first spot allowed Ferguson to hone in on his theater background as he crashes a dinner party and sings through some harsh truths.

It's an approach to life that Ferguson admitted that his character, Mitch, is more attuned to than he is.

"Mitchell Pritchett absolutely subscribes to no sugar coating, and I’m learning a lot from it, actually," Ferguson said with a laugh. "I could get better at that. As I’m getting older -- I’m 43 now -- I’m less inclined to make people feel comfortable, and I think honesty is the best way to go. In this day in age, we have too many things going on, too many people sugar coating, too many people lying. I feel like being direct and honest is wildly refreshing."

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