Michael Moore says Trump could be America's last president

Filmmaker Michael Moore thinks it’s possible President Trump will be the last U.S. President.

In the trailer for his new film “Fahrenheit 11/9,” Moore says this about Trump: "Ladies and Gentleman, the last president of the United States."

So, naturally, while speaking on MSNBC, host Chris Hayes asked him if he really believes that: "You think that? Last president of the United States?" When Moore said "it’s possible," Hayes added, "You really think that?"

Moore went on to say Trump is no different from many other billionaires or CEOs, saying he has no respect for the rule of law and dislikes democracy.

He compared him to Vice President Mike Pence and former president George W. Bush, saying they have core political beliefs that can be debated.

However, he believes Trump’s only ideology is “Donald J. Trump," saying he only believes in himself and noted that "putting someone like that in charge of a democracy is a dangerous thing."

Moore did not specify how he thinks President Trump would be the last president or what he actually meant by the comment.