Meghan Markle's sister compares her to President Trump

The Markle family has reached a new level of dysfunction, with Samantha Markle now comparing her sister, Duchess Meghan, to Donald Trump.

The Express reports that Samantha tweeted the comparison from her private account this week.

“People need to stop being so blinded by glare of celebrity status and wealth," she reportedly tweeted. "Trump said he could shoot someone and not lose votes. The same mentality applies to my sister. People believe anything and still follow in an ant line.”

Samantha, who is Meghan's half-sister, continued on a full Twitter rant, reportedly even ging her sister a new title.

"I am not candy coating anything anymore!" she wrote. "The DUCHASS should be humane to our father who has given her everything… and this media crap can stop!"

For someone who claims that people are blinded by the glare of celebrity status, Samantha Markle sure does seem to enjoy the glare... as long as it is on herself. She has gone on countless, headline-making rants about her royal half-sister and the royal family, and she has also done a slew of paid interviews in recent months.