Chris Harrison talks fatherhood and 'Bachelor'-learned parenting lessons at GOOD+ Foundation benefit


Behavior within the "Bachelor" world isn't always admirable, but Chris Harrison has managed to take some lessons from the franchise home to his own kids.

The show's longtime host attended Wednesday's star-studded GOOD+ Foundation's Evening of Comedy and Music, where he chatted with AOL about how the "Bachelor" world positively intermixes with being a single father of two.

"To err is to be human," Harrison said of contestants' oft-questionable actions. "You're going to make mistakes. But as I tell my kids, try not to make life-altering mistakes. And if you do make one, own it. Face it. Go deal with it."

It's advice that some contestants are reluctant to follow: "A lot of times, what people will do is act a certain way on the show, and then come back and have a revisionist history. And I'm like, I was there. Remember? I have all the videos," Harrison said. "Just come in and apologize and do what you need to do to fix it."

He was particularly pleased with the emotional growth shown by Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson. "You look at Chris and Krystal from this season of 'Bachelor in Paradise' -- they were two of the biggest villains from their seasons. They came back and not only redeemed themselves but found love with each other."

Also supporting GOOD+ Foundation, a nonprofit founded by Jessica Seinfeld providing support to fathers and families living in poverty, were Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, Amy Schumer, Chris Rock and more high-profile guests.