Betty Who takes center stage at Wake Up Call, a fresh new twist on the typical music festival


The moment you lay eyes on Betty Who, you immediately know she's a pop star. With a bubbly but keeping-it-real personality and glittering wardrobe, this Australia-born singer-songwriter captivates your attention within seconds.

"I have put my everything on the line to follow my dreams," says Betty as she sips her giant iced coffee (black, no less). "I am very tired but hopefully I'll get to hit Delta Diamond this year! Trying to get those frequent flier miles up!"

And even though she laughs about collecting miles, Betty's latest whirl-wind endeavors are no joke. The pop star recently brought down the house with her electric dance party at Wake Up Call, a new luxe global take on the music festival circuit by W Hotels. But before Betty could take the stage, we caught up with the singer and talked about her new music, the Queer Eye guys and growing up.

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*makes cardi b noises*

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"It’s all going to ramp up pretty quickly," says Betty. "I’ve been working on my album, [I'm] hoping to hand it in October … or around the holidays ... Christmas is literally my favorite thing in the world! Then I go back on tour in the spring and putting out the record by hopefully around February."

Betty calls this first-length album her baby, and she says she's about two months pregnant with it. Although she says she hasn't quite figured out what her end product will look like, she does know how it makes her feel.

"I think emotionally the record is raw," says Betty. "I think I always am but … it’s weird getting older and it's weird being an emotional, intelligent grown-up and a person who has to be grown up and maybe doesn’t know how."

The singer takes a moment and wonders if everybody realizes this and that she hasn't quite yet.

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Seeing double 👀👀

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"So I think a lot of that is going on the record and my conflict that I feel on an everyday basis, surrounding the fact that sometimes two things can be true that are totally opposite at the same time," says the singer. Betty reveals that her song 'I Thought You Should Know' from her last EP is all about confessing to someone in a drunk-like, raw moment you love them but don't expect anything in return.

"That's having to be brave," she says. Not expecting much in return may be a common theme in Betty's life as she also reveals that she doesn't expect anything out of the record.

"I just have the need to share it and want to tell these stories," says the pop star. "If people like it, they like it and if they don’t, then they don’t. It’s my first independent record ever, I just want to be me for the first time in my adult life."

Human connection is very important to Betty and she wants fans to know she's there for them.

"No matter where you come from, no matter what color your skin is, or no matter what sexual identity you have, we’re all human," says Betty. "I want to be someone that [my fans] feel they can come to."

At her shows, Betty hopes that she's creating a space where people can leave "all the crazy sh*t outside" and feel understood, heard and safe. "What I really want to use my platform for is to bring joy to people."

Something that she recently experienced with the guys from Queer Eye. Betty's vocals are featured in the remake of the theme song "All Things."

"They are as amazing as you want them to be. All five of them are perfect," says Betty excitedly. "There is that makeover aspect that everyone is always really interested in, but the thing that made me really emotional and blew my mind was the conversations they would have -- even amongst each other -- but with also the people that they would make over. They are debunking gay stereotypes and having real and honest conversations."

And as Betty took the stage at Wake Up Call, we couldn't help feel but safe in the massive, glittery dance party.

Wake Up Call is The W Hotel’s luxe spin on the music festival and is open exclusively to Marriott Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) members. DJ Masterclasses, artist makeovers, and fitness classes are just some of the highlights of the global experience, with festivals in Hollywood, Barcelona, Bali, and Dubai. Instead of having to wait for long bathroom lines, calling rideshares or camping out in a tent, Wake Up Call is all about luxury accommodations and creating one-of-a-kind rewards experiences members can’t find anywhere else.