Keith Urban says it’s ‘a bit rough’ explaining Nicole Kidman split rumors to their kids

Keith Urban is used to rumors about his relationship with Nicole Kidman, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have lasting effects.

The 50-year-old country singer admitted that it's been tough explaining the tabloid reports to the couple's daughters, Sunday, 10, and Faith, 7.

"When you have kids it changes it because that’s really hurtful to kids,” Urban said while on The Kyle and Jackie O radio show on Monday. "They don’t quite understand, and they go, ‘Why are they saying that?’ and you go, ‘Because it sells. It sells magazines. It’s the only reason they’re doing it.’ That part of it is a bit rough.”

Urban also thinks some of the stories about his marriage are particularly ridiculous.

"I probably find it a bit more absurd when you see a picture of Nic and I in Telluride where I was just with her and at the same time you read something, like, that right next to it, and you go, ‘Well what a bunch of w**kers,’” he said of the false reports.

The pair have been together for so long now that their family now knows not to believe the rumors.

"They know. Everybody knows us,” he said. "I particularly laugh when they go, ‘An inside source,’ because anyone who’s close to us knows how bulls**t that is.”


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