Penn Badgley and Shay Mitchell open up about their new Lifetime show 'You'


Penn Badgley, Shay Mitchell, and Elizabeth Lail are the stars of Lifetime's newest hit show "You." The show gives an alternative view on the dangers of social media stalking and a deep look into the twisted mind of a book clerk portrayed by Badgley, who falls obsessively in love with Elizabeth Lail's character, Beck.

The cast chatted with AOL Entertainment at the show's premiere where the former "Gossip Girl" actor opened up about how he mentally prepared for the role of Joe Goldberg, a disturbed stalker turned serial killer.

“I did a lot of prayer and meditation, to be honest. Because I felt like he’s not a real person, he’s not a real serial killer. Initially, I wasn’t even interested in making him human and then it was learning to trust a lot of the women around me that this was a valuable story to be worth telling because I was so horrified by the idea of this guy. I was compelled by the project but I wasn’t sure that I wanted to play this guy because everyone else can say ‘Oh yeah that’s nice,’ but I’m the one that has to embody him. It was a lot about learning how to trust the women who were apart of this project to encourage the story being told," Badgley told AOL.

"You," which premiered last night, has already been picked up for a second season. If we've learned anything from watching the pilot episode, it's that social media can have its up and downs. Shay Mitchel, who plays Beck's best friend, Peach, has an astounding Instagram following of nearly 21 million, yet the former "Pretty Little Liars" actress understands the importance of being cautious.

“I’ve always been pretty cautious. Whether you’re in the public eye or not, I think everybody should be cautious about what they're putting out there. The whole world doesn’t need to know where you are in that exact moment.”

However not all Instagram stalking is bad! The 31-year-old actress recalled a time she got a very special like on one of her photos. “Rihanna liked my photo one time and I was very excited about it!”