Paul McCartney surprises unsuspecting elevator riders -- And they lose their minds!

Is there any better prank to pull than surprising people with Paul McCartney?

Jimmy Fallon teamed up with the delightful musician in a pre-taped segment on Thursday's The Tonight Show, where they gave random people the unexpected thrill of a lifetime in the halls of 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

Groups of people were loaded into elevators for a supposed tour of the famed building, however the elevators were rigged to open on the wrong floor, where Fallon and McCartney were waiting to surprise them.

Donning smoking jackets and sitting in plush velvet loungers, the late-night host and former Beatle hid their faces by pretending to read the paper. When the elevator doors opened, the unsuspecting tourists were greeted to the odd sight of two fancy gentleman louging around in the middle of the landing.

First, Fallon dipped his newspaper to reveal his face, and passengers on the elevator laughed and smiled with pleasant enthusiasm. Then, McCartney dipped his newspaper and the passengers absolutely went nuts.

To keep things fun and varied, the pair thought of a bunch of different ways to pull off the big reveal. For one group, Fallon popped out from around the corner holding up a sheet, and asked if they wanted to see a magic trick. He dropped the sheet to reveal McCartney standing behind it.

They played ping-pong, pretended like they were waiting to get on the elevator themselves, and generally just goofed around to the amazement of the passengers.

No matter how they pulled off their delightful prank, the reaction was always the same: people screaming, laughing, jumping with joy and even some crying.

"I thought, when I was little, I was gonna marry Paul McCartney," one woman told the Tonight Show cameras. "That's the closest I ever got and I am thrilled."

McCartney joined Fallon to promote the release of his latest album, Egypt Station, which dropped Thursday night.

The 76-year-old music legend seems to have a great time surprising his legion of adoring fans. Back in June, McCartney joined James Corden for an absolutely incredible installment of "Carpool Karaoke," and together the pair went all over Liverpool visiting some of the most famous places in Beatles' history and he even delivered an impromptu performance at a pub for unsuspecting customers, which lead to quite a few tears as well.