'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' star Nate Richert reveals his own day jobs while supporting Geoffrey Owens

Geoffrey Owens isn't alone.

Former Sabrina the Teenage Witch star, Nate Richert, revealed on Twitter that he has a few day jobs of his own while speaking out in support of Owens on Tuesday. The former Cosby Show actor was shamed for having a job at Trader Joe's after photos surfaced of him bagging groceries earlier this week, but has received support from many actors -- and a job offer from Tyler Perry -- since.

"I’ve been an actor for 32 yrs (since age 8). I’m extremely lucky to have had any success at all, let alone solid work in film and TV for 6 yrs (20 yrs ago)," Richert began in a lengthy post defending Owens. "I’m currently a maintenance man, a janitor, a carpenter, and do whatever random jobs I can get to pay the bills. I do improv and songwrite to maintain my sanity."

"Actors so very rarely have job security or consistent work, quality healthcare, a reasonable retirement. We are actors anyway because it is who we are at the core, for the love and need to bring the words on the page to life and to make you feel them (god, I love to make you laugh!) Not for fame, at least not in the traditional sense," he continued. "Fame, to me, has only ever meant 'maybe more work someday.' A necessary evil because fame = the loss of anonymity, which can be uplifting when it brings someone joy, and hard when mean people decide to be mean."

"GeoffreyOwens is an actor of a very high caliber; long before and long after playing 'Elvin' on Cosby. I can’t wait to see what’s next," Richert concluded, adding the hashtags, "#GeofferyOwens #ActorsWithDayJobs #SabrinaTheTeenageWitch."

Richart played Sabrina Spellman's (Melissa Joan Hart) love interest, Harvey Kinkle, on Sabrina the Teenage Witch from 1996 to 2003. He's continued to work as an actor and musician since, albeit sparingly. In 2004, he appeared in the drama The Sure Hand of God, and in 2006, he starred in a short film called H-e-n-r-y.

In an interview with ET on Tuesday, Owens opened up about his job at Trader Joe's and revealing why wore his name tag to the interview despite recently quitting the gig.

"It's to not be ashamed of work but to be proud of whatever you do, you know?" he said. "So, I deliberately brought it today, and I'm wearing it all day just to make a point that, you know, work is not something to be ashamed of no matter what it is."