'House of Cards' teaser reveals fate of Kevin Spacey's character

Looks like we know what happens to Frank Underwood.

In a new teaser for House of Cards' final season, Claire Underwood, Robin Wright's devious first lady-turned-president character, is shown delivering a searing message to her scheming husband, Frank Underwood.

"I'll tell you this though Francis, when they bury me, it won't be in my backyard. And when they pay their respects, they'll have to wait in line," she says coldly.

Then the camera cuts to show us a headstone that says "Francis J. Underwood."

Kevin Spacey played the ruthless and power hungry politician for five seasons on the series, before being fired over allegations of sexual assault in November of last year. The decision left the fate of the show uncertain, as his character had just stepped down as president and Wright's character took over as commander-in-chief. The show was meant to continue with both actors, but when allegations against Spacey surfaced, the Netflix drama was suspended indefinitely. In December, it was announced the show would resume production for its sixth and final season, with Wright taking the lead.

Patricia Clarkson, who starred as Jane Davis, the Deputy Undersecretary of Commerce for International Trade in season five, revealed in July on The Talk that Wright led the charge to keep the show going in the wake of Spacey's firing.

"Robin led all of this charge so that people would save their livelihoods because when the show goes away some people don’t get paid," Clarkson said. "I think it’s gonna be a stunning, stunning new season."

Season five ended with a cliffhanger, showing Claire ignoring Frank's call as she reconsidered their plan to give him a pardon after his resignation. As the phone rings, Claire turns to the camera and says, "My turn." With the gravestone reveal, it's clear that Spacey's Underwood dies somewhere between that phone call and the start of the season.

As for Wright, she gave her thoughts on saying goodbye to the acclaimed series and ending it on their own terms.

“Bittersweet. I loved the people I worked with. We had such a tight bond; it became your family. It was leaving home, really emotional,” she told PorterEdit. “Oh my God, so many tears. Tears and jumping for joy that we completed the show, that we got to bring it fully to fruition.”

The final season of House of Cards premieres on Nov. 2nd on Netflix.