Selena Gomez shares song about cutting a man out of her life following Justin Bieber's engagement

Looks like Selena Gomez is letting her music speak for her when it comes to the drama in her life.

The 26-year-old singer covers the October issue of Elle, and plays some of her highly anticipated new songs for writer Mickey Rapin. Gomez's new music is described as having a Prince vibe, and Gomez herself describes it as "funky." Although she doesn't directly address her on-again, off-again relationship with Justin Bieber -- who's of course now engaged to Hailey Baldwin -- some of her lyrics do allude to the end of a longtime romance.

According to Rapin, in one song, Gomez sings about cutting a man out of her life after “1,460 days” and “cleaning my slate.” More telling lyrics include "Without you, I don’t overthink it. ... I’m drunk and I might as well tell you, Get you ooh ooh ooh out of my head now.”

On a second track, Gomez expresses being disappointed in a relationship.

“Were my ambitions too high?” she sings. "Baby, you’re so distant. Why don’t you recognize I’m so rare?”

The singer-actress was also excited about another song, "Flawless," which is also the title of a Beyonce tune. “Meaning through all your imperfections, you’re flawless. You’re not striving. It’s me encouraging a younger version of myself," she explains the track. "Even when you’re imperfect, even when you’re feeling worthless, you are flawless. It’s a song I’m going to sing for the rest of my life.”

Gomez is clearly enthusiastic about her new music, and these days, could care less about others' opinions.

“I’m not on the internet,” she says. “I haven’t been on the internet in months."

"I don’t have my password for Instagram," she continues, though explains that she still occasinally updates her Instagram from her friend’s phone, who has access to her account. "I have no apps on my phone, no photo editing apps. I have Peak, a brain game.”

The former Disney star explains why she's now "selective" about speaking out.

“The reason why is, it’s not real to me,” she says of internet chatter. “I know my voice is very prominent, but I’m not careless with it. I’m selective. As far as my personal life, someone sees me having a glass of wine? I could give two sh**s. I’m not trying to hide. That’s my life. I’m living it the way I want to live it. But it’s about making a conscious effort -- if I can have a moment to be with my friends, I’ll take that time. So I don’t have any of it. I had to make that decision.”

Gomez shares that her current outlook on life and a return to simplicity came after an eventful end to 2017, and a tumultuous beginning of the year. Gomez broke up with The Weeknd in October after 10 months of dating, and shortly after, rekindled her relationship with Bieber. The two weren't shy about dating again, showing PDA and spending Valentine's Day together. By March, the pair had once again broken up.

Gomez reveals to the magazine that earlier this year, she had a serious chat with a few close mentors.

“[They were] amazing women who were very close in my life," she shares. "It was kind of a rough moment. And I just had all of them there, encouraging me, and it was one of those moments that you imagine when you’re a young girl and you go talk to your aunts and your mom and you’re like, 'This is what’s going on in my life.'”

Selena Gomez
Mariano Vivanco/Elle

Last month, a source told ET that Gomez's friends want to play matchmaker for the A-lister and set her up with someone "worthy." However, she's not focused on dating right now.

"She's not interested in dating anyone, she still doesn't feel ready," the source said. "She's been in a relationship for so much of her life, she really is happy embracing the single life and focusing 100 percent on herself."

But that doesn't mean she's not hoping to find love down the line.

"Selena loves love," the source added. "As much as she loves being single, she would love to be in a relationship in the future. In fact, she knows that for a future relationship to be successful, she has to make sure she's the best version of herself first. She looks at relationships differently now -- she isn't looking for someone to 'complete' her."